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European Journal of Natural History
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Tatarinova L.A.

Common system of teaching foreign languages for the special purpose supposes the interconnection of in-classes and out-classes studies and students´ self-education considering the speciality and individual interests.

Reading is one of the most important means of getting information. Practical result of reading is the situation when the student percepts reading as the process of getting necessary information and all the accompanying language and mechanical difficulties do not prevent this process. But reading even in native language takes place in different ways depending on the aim, complexity of the topic, difficulties of the language style, interest for the reader, individual peculiarities of perception, level of reading etc.

Minimal level for every kind of reading should be of two directions:

- the volume of language material (lexical and grammar) which would be enough for corresponding ability,

- minimal speed of operation with this material under keeping the quality of corresponding ability.

To achieve the tasks at present time it is necessary to point out what types of reading we must teach, their minimal levels, rational selection of the language material and the ways of realization of these tasks, because every type of reading due to its specificity needs its own special methods.

The basic principle of teaching is the text, i.e. journals, newspapers, advertisements, prospects, announcements, etc. All the texts should be used considering the aims, i.e. for perception, for translation, for composing summery, for compressing, for getting information, for abstracts etc. Every text must be informative, considering knowledge, interests and individuality of the students. That is why the texts have to be reviewed in accordance with the new achievements in the medical science. The task is following the investigations, new tends in medicine through the direct contact with the medical specialists.

At present it is impossible to solve the problems of teaching language without psychology. It is necessary to take into consideration individual characteristics, views, temperament, national peculiarities, attention, perception, memory and thinking.

To achieve definite level of knowledge it is necessary to perfect the system of control, i.e. current mark, intermediate mark, common mark and self- estimation.

All these approaches must be realized at the studies in the class because the student, as a rule, has no possibilities to work at the foreign languages systematically at home.

The work was submitted to international scientific conference «Prospects for the development of university science», Dagomys (Sochi), September 21-24, 2009. Came to the editorial office on 06.07.2009.