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European Journal of Natural History
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Petrenko V.M.

While immunity is in the spotlight, lymphatic vessels are being regarded as appendage of the lymphoid system. In the international anatomic terminology (New-York, 1998), there is no such term as «lymphatic system». Section «Cardio-vascular system» describes lymphatic ducts and trunks, mentions lymph nodes, but their detailed description is given in section «Lymphoid system». In my opinion, lymphoid and lymphatic systems are interconnected in the peripheral parts and are specialized areas of a common cardio-vascular system. The core of the lymphatic system are lymphatic vessels that transport the tissue fluid and large-grain particles, which did not get into blood channels. In the lymphoid system, the central position occupy blood vessels that provide lymphocyte circulation. Lymphocytes gather in the area invaded by antigens and along their pathway in the organism. Primary lymphatic tracts, capillaries and postcapillaries are characterized by higher wall permeability. That is why antigens penetrate into their openings, lymphoid nodes and patches form around the source (tissue channels) and roots of the lymphatic channel before and after human´s birth, and lymph nodes - around lymphatic vessels with endothelial walls outside the organs, at a 3-5 month fetus.

The work was submitted to international scientific conference «Medical, social and economic problems of population health preservation», Turkey, May 20-27, 2009. Came to the editorial office on 10.09.2009