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European Journal of Natural History
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Dorshakova O.V., Belousova G.P., Lupandin Y.V., Subbotina N.S.

Bioclimatic severity of the Karelsky region is determined by its high latitude, as well as by the main environmental factors of the North - temperature and light conditions, humidity, pressure, speed and direction of wind - and their negative influence on people´s health (N.A. Agadzhanyan, P.G. Petrova,1996; N.V. Dorshakova,1997). According to the data of the Republican center of medical analytics, prevalence of cerebrovascular diseases is high in the region, on average 11,4 cases per 1000 persons. High prevalence of acute ischemic cerebrovascular disturbances (ACD) was measured at the level of 8,4 cases per 1000 persons. In this respect, epidemiologic peculiarities of the cerebral blood flow disturbances among region´s population become a worthy issue for research. The aim of this study was to research on the epidemiologic peculiarities of the cerebral blood flow disturbances of the vertebrobasilar system (VBS) among the citizens of Kareliya´s capital Petrozavodsk. The study group included 140 patients with cerebral blood flow disturbances (CBFD) of VBS, who underwent a treatment at the angioneurology department of the Petrozavodsk City Emergency Hospital. The group consisted of 61 men (43,6%) and 79 women (56,4%). The patients were aged between 38 and 77, average age is 55,4 ± 7,7. Age structure of the study group was the following: till 45 years old - 10,7%, 46-59 - 61,4%, 60-74 - 27,1%, over 74 years old - 0,7%. Working-age patients prevailed in the group - 72,1%. Medical history of the patients with ACD often included ischemic stroke of VBS - 42,1%, ischemic stroke in the carotid system (CS) - 17,1% and mini-stroke of VBS - 17,1%, less frequently were found ischemic stroke of both carotid and vertebrobasilar systems, - 7,9%, transient ischemic attacks (TIA) in CS - 7,9%, TIA in VBS - 6,6%, mini-stroke in CS - 1,3%. Men had ACD more often - 59,2%. It was revealed, that 84,2% of the patients suffered one ischemic ACD incident, 14,5% - two ACD incidents and 1,3% of the patients had three ACD incidents. To sum up, prevalence of the acute ischemic cerebrovascular disturbances in the vertebrobasilar system is high among the population of Petrozavodsk; working-age people prevail among the patients, and more and more younger people suffer from the disease.

The research was conducted with the help of a grant, provided by the Russian Humanitarian Fond of Science, № 09-06-42604 а/c

The work was submitted to the International Correspondence e-conference «Diagnosis and treatment of common human diseases», April, 15-20, 2009. Came to the editorial office on 04.05.2009.