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European Journal of Natural History
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Razin M.P., Razin A.P.
Steady growth of Scientific and Technical Progress, Pedagogical Science advances as a whole and Higher School in particular, make using of their achievements necessary in the process of teaching at Clinical Departments of Medical Higher Schools as well. According to our experience, optimal learning results are possible to be achieved when observing the following algorithm of teaching senior students.
  1. Individual extracurricular self-development (studying special textbooks, scientific and didactic literature)
  2. Self-development control, when the teacher pays attention to possible omissions, basic, most meaningful and most complicated questions of the studied problem. It is important that explanation words were proved with the demonstration of visual, simple and easy to memorize material. In the academic process at our Department of Childhood Surgical Pathology, topical video-films´, available table and slide materials´ demonstrations are used; modern computer multimedia and animation technologies of teaching provoke great interest. The given forms of distance teaching serve as an essential addition to "at-the-couch-of-patient-education", but never should substitute it.
  3. Topical patients´ medical supervision is made up in the form of a role game, when a student gets an opportunity to find out clinical stigmas of this or that disease on practice and to study the materials of a certain patient´s laboratory and instrumental examination. For the correct interpretation of the data got we try to stimulate their being discussed among the students (discussions in micro-groups), that is obligatory to be finished with the teacher´s discussion of the given clinicodiagnostic situation.
  4. Medical duty experience of students with their department´s teachers in emergency cases, students´ development of necessary practical skills and competence are impossible to overstress, as they watch and take part not only in solving urgent tactical and practical tasks, but also often solve ethic, deontological and moral problems with assistance lecturers and lecturers of their department, involuntarily adopting the best personal features of their teachers.

The denoted above principles of the team-work of a teacher and students are the most important components of training of Medical Higher Schools´ senior students, as such a model is able to reproduce the experience of future doctors´ professional and personal development.


The article is admitted to the International Scientific Conference " Modern providing of academic process"; Andorra, 2007, February 21-28; came to the editorial office on 05.12.06