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European Journal of Natural History
ISSN 2073-4972
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Bobrova S.V., Melnikov M.N., Terskova N.V.
High percentage of chronic adenoiditis (CA) among children, comparative resistance, and, in vivid cases, - little reversibility of the pathological process afflicting almost only children, - all this adds great significance to the problem of CA prophylaxis and treatment.

Aim: testing the state of antioxidant system at chronic adenoiditis among children, the optimization of remedial measures.

Materials and Methods: during randomized, prospective, controlled, simple blind clinical research the content of cytosolic enzymes of the antioxidative system - superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase, glutationperoxidase (GPO) and glutation-S-transferase (GST) in the erythrocytes of 72 children with authentic diagnosis ‘chronic adenoiditis´ before and after care with a complex homeopathic preparation "Tonsilotren" (DHU, Germany). The control group consisted of 16 donors who had no chronic, somatic or ENT-pathology in the anamnesis and hadn´t got any drug therapy for the previous month because of acute respiratory viral infection or any other nosology.

Results: GST enzymes´ activity decrease ((1,100±0,118) mmol/min*ml cells (P<0,05)) and GPO ones´ ((4,36±1,00) mmol/min*ml cells (P<0,05)) in erythrocytes of the children with chronic adenoiditis was established, that affords ground for supposing their priority at the given nosology. The results of SOD and catalase activity in the erythrocytes had no authentic differences.

The reversibility of the showings after the therapy with "Tonsilotren" reflects functional recovery activity of the enzymatic antioxidative system when the adaptation tension at chronic adenoiditis is developed.

Conclusions: the confirmation of the biochemical aspects of pathogenesis of chronic adenoiditis among children and the possibility to correct them has outlined the perspectives of pathogenetic therapy. The GPO and GST correction against the background of complex homeopathic preparation "Tonsilotren" is an indirect predictor of its efficiency. The specified fact gives us title to work out not only a pathogenically new method of care of chronic adenoiditis, but also rehabilitation programs during the remission period, that is in accord with the principals of immune rehabilitation at chronic infective inflammatory diseases.

The article is admitted to the International Scientific Conference "Fundamental Research", Dominican Republic, 2007, April 10-20; came to the editorial office on 11.01.07