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European Journal of Natural History
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Samotrueva M.A., Tyurenkov I.N., Teply D.L., Luzhnova S.A., Ovcharova A.N.

Appeared in last years numerous data about single neuroimmune regulator many physiological and pathological processes in organism eventuate topical research of neuroimmunomodulate properties of medicinal remedies.

The aim of this work is experimental research for influence derivative GAВА - phenibute on immune and psychоemotional status of rats with immune insufficiency.

The experiment has been made with 70 rats of the line Wistar mass 200-250g. The animals were distributed on the groups: control group № 1 - the immunizing animals, receiving physiological solution; control group № 2 - the immunizing animals with immune insufficiency, which injected cyclophosphamide (once intraperitoneum in the doze of 125 mg/kg), with the aim of suppression of immune system. And the experienced group - animals with immune insufficiency receiving phenibute (intraperitoneum in the doze of 25 mg/kg in the space of an hour after injected immunodepressant). Immune status of animals were studied by reactions of hypersensitivity delayed type (RHDT) and passive hemagglutination (RPHA). By way of antigen load were used erythrocytes of sheep. Behaviouг reactions of animals were studied in the test «Open field».

In the course of the carried our tests it was fixed that the single inside peritoneum leading cyclophosphamid in the doze of 125 mg/kg is conducive to simulate immune insufficiency showing of         lowering index RHDT 28%, (p1<0,05), suppression of production antierythrocyte antibody in RPHA 58% (p1<0,05), and also change psycho emotional condition accompanying of lowering of motional and investigation activity in the test «Open field» (p1<0,05).

The single inside peritoneum of phenibute in the doze of 25 mg/kg to the animals with the immunological insufficiency is accompanying with the stimulating action with the regard to the cell section of the immune reactivity, it reveals itself with the increase of the reaction index RHDT more than 50% not only by comparison with the animals from the control group № 2 (p2<0,05), but more than 40% with respect to the exponents in the rats groups, receiving «placebo» (p1<0,05).

In research of influence phenibute to formation antierythrocyte antibodies in RPHA is determined its modulate influence, it reveals itself with the increase of the reaction more than 50% to the group of animals, which for formation of immunosuppression injected cyclophosphamide. As compared with control №1 it didn´t supervise to change of level of antibodies.

In research of influence phenibute on psycho emotional condition of immunodepression rats detected ability of preparation to correct changing behavior reaction developing in condition of cyclophosphamidinduce immune insufficiency. Under influence of phenibute occurs reconstruction of horizontal and directional investigation activity (p2<0,05); decrease of defecation (p2<0,05) and grooming (p2<0,05), duration of friezing (p2<0,05), and also increase of amount of passages through central zone «Open field» (p2<0,05).

That´s why, received results during experimental test showing of the ability of phenibute to liquidate acute immune disturbance, but correct changing behaviuor reaction, appearing in the result of immunopathology.

The work was submitted to IV international scientific conference «Basic Research», Dominican Republic, April 12-22, 2009. Came to the editorial office on 08.02.2009.