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European Journal of Natural History
ISSN 2073-4972
ИФ РИНЦ = 0,301


Gorelova I.S., Markelova E.V., Sklyar L.Рh.
The programmed cell death takes part in the body development regulates the number of the  cells in the tissue and is the main thing of many immune reactions. Understanding of activation processes and apoptosis realigation in a cell is of great clinical importance in case of virus hepatitis.

The aim of our inrestigation is to evaluate the interrelations between the apoptosis condition and the cytokine architectonics in the target-organ-the liver in case of HCV-infection.

Investigation results indicate of the increased number of  CD95+ cells in supernatants of the liver bioptates in patients with chronic HCV-infection. It shows the considerable role of the mechanisms of the programmed death cell in the pathogenesis of chronic HCV-infection. Their apoptosic activity lowering is of importance in the progress of necroinflamotory liver injuries and may testify to the strengthening of the immune system disfunction when the disease grows progressively worse. The increased cell level having apoptosis marker CD95+ in supernatants of the liver bioptates correlales with high level of the local cytokines TNF-a (r=0,34; p<0,01), IL-1a (r=0,56; p<0,01) and IL-10 (r=0,66; p<0,05) and it is possible to indicate HCV us age of hepatocytes apoptosis mechanism for its survival in a hostis organism. And with the increase of the hystological activity and the liver fibrosis TNF-a antiviral acticity in HCV-infection persistencia conditions is insufficient and it may be for example due to the increased secretion of the solvable receptors connecting TNF-a. Direct correlation between local CD95+ cell content and IL-4 (r=0,32), IL-12p40 (r=0,65) and IL-12p70 (r=0,21) cytokine concentration has been revealed in supernatants of hepatobioptates howerer their differences were not accurate. Negative correlation between IFN-a, IL-2 local cytokines concentration and the number of proapoptosic CD95+ cells (r=0,5; p<0,01 and r=0,25; p<0,05) accordingly that may as well speak on the lowering of the antiviral defence on the organ´s level with the apoptosiс mechanisms increase which helps persistencia of HCV- infection.

Thus the disturbance of cytokine balance leads to the apoptosic hepatocytes death and it is of great importance in the liver cell injury in case of chronic HCV-infection. 

The article is admitted to the International Scientific Conference "Fundamental and Applied Problems of Medicine and Biology", OAE, Dubai, 2006, October 15-22; came to the editorial office on 09.11.06