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Pyatakovitch F.A., Shvets M.V.
Urgency of the study. In 1978 CHzhou Lini in China has voiced the suggestion about that that at irradiation of the person weak, but broadband spectrum of the electromagnetic waves organism "itself by itself" perceives lacking him electromagnetic fluctuations. This was exactly he, who has for the first time executed hardware realization given to ideas, in accordance with which medical device generates the electromagnetic fluctuations with small spectral density, but in broad band of the frequencies, including infrared and extreme high frequencies (EHF) ranges of the waves.

In 1993 F.A. Pyatakovich, S.L. Zaguskin, T.I. Yakunchenko have for the first time developed system biotechnical, founded on biocontrol amplitude-frequency inflexion millimeter of the range of the lengths of the waves. The Clinical acknowledgement considered above of the ideas was received at treatment to complicated peptic ulcer with the help of biocontrol way millimeter therapy [F.A. Pyatakovich, T.I. Yakunchenko, 1997, 2000,2003].

It Is considered and matrix way to realization millimeter influences on base three avalanche stairwell diode (ASD) [L.A. Krupenikina, O.V. Maslova, 2001; T.I. Yakunchenko, F.A. Pyatakovich, L.A. Krupenikina, 2002].

The Way was founded on chronobiological principle to inflexions with use parameter to biofeedback.

In designed author to system effectively functioned whole only three programs of the influence, intended for correcting immunological and rheological of the breaches beside sick sugar diabetes.

These restrictions were connected with hardware system of the realization millimeter radiations and use in her ROM. Consequently, actual is a development computer software operated systems millimeter therapy, founded on matrix way of their realization.

The Purposes and problems of the study: development system acceptance biodirection, onruled on personalization and reinforcement to efficiency of the influence, in accordance with development and use matrix specialized device in computer biocontrol system for millimeter therapy.

For achievement delivered purposes necessary to solve the following problems:

  • conduct the analysis of the perspective directions, in accordance with decision of the reinforcement to efficiency medical technology with use matrix millimeter influences, marketed in a milieau of computer biocontrol;
  • consider the probabilistic models of the pathological conditions, referring to gynecologicals  diseases and intended for categorization metroendometritis , endometriosis and diffuse of the form fibromioma;
  • develop the general structured models reception millimeter of the waves on base hexagonal schemes matrix radiation;
  • form to models and algorithms of programme control intensity influences, founded on electoral use poles matrix radiation by electromagnetic flap EHF-range by means of synchronizing them with parameter to biological feedback;
  • consider the results of the studies on influence of the electromagnetic radiation extremely radio frequency millimeter range of the lengths of the waves on base hexagonal schemes matrix radiation on current of the pathological process under some gynecologicals disease.

In work were used methods of the system analysis, modeling, mathematical statistics, methods to registrations and analysis electrophysiological to information in the manner of heart rate variability (HRV), information analysis HRV and EEG.

For entering electrophysiological to information in mode on line us was used external device on the base monocrystal  microcontroller of the company Atmel. The Device includes the sensor of the pulse, which correct works with all operating system family Windows, using standard name port COM1 or COM2. His possible disconnect and connect in hot mode that is to say, not producing switching off the superblock of the computer.

On base conditionally-probabilistic models, aproximated by differential law of the distribution, were received information features of the microstructure rhythm heart with calculation main parameter to entropy. These factors served the central to categorization degree to activities of the autonomous nervious system.

In study are presented methdological acceptance of modeling of the structure receptions millimeter of the waves, founded on biological principle. The Genetic system of the person includes the symbiosis to spirals desoxyrhybonucleinic acids (DRA) with protein - histon, which are united in structure hexagonal nature. DRA-matrix (the double spiral 2x2) does 2,5 turns around each histon, going consecutively to the following, shifted on 1/2 periods under corner 600, forming as a result architecture look like corn cob. The Anisochronous engine or generator are a copy given to designs.

Any external electromagnetic background causes in double spiral DRA electromoving  power (EMP) i.e. DRA begins to work as perceiving antenna, but inwardly designs appears the revolvinging electromagnetic field. Histons also present itself complex protein, on essences, presenting information "diskette-resonator".

The Logical continuation considered models receptions millimeter of the waves was a development hexagonal structures matrix receptions, consisting of poles EHF-generator and providing shaping revolving electromagnetic field.

We consider six models (molded) millimeter influences.

Table 1 Codified model to switchings EHF-generator, generating revolving electromagnetic field


Order to switchings generator




Order to realization of the formula

in beats of the pulse



of cycles

Repetition cycles





















Transition to formula











Transition to formula




aa1 cc1-bb1

42-42 53-53 60-60

42-42 53-53 60-60





Transition to formula


In persisting work is considered computer biotechnical system, which contains the chronomodule of the breathing and pulse, hexagonal matrix from six avalanche- fly diode with different therapeutic length of the waves: 7,1 mms (42,2 GHz); 5,6 mms (53,5 GHz); 4,9 mms (60,5 GHz).

The First formula (F-1) includes the medical action to combinations of the frequencies 42,2; 53,5; 60,5 GHz with maximum use the frequency 42,2 GHz (7,1 mms). The Second formula (F-2) includes the medical action to combinations of the frequencies 53,5; 60,5;  42,2 GHz with maximum use the frequency 53,5 (5,6 mms). The Third formula (F-3) includes the medical action to combinations of the frequencies 60,5 53,5 42,2 GHz with maximum use the frequency 60,5 GHz (4,9 mms). In base of the realization molded the influences F-4, F-5, F-6 (tabl.1) mortgaged possibilities to switchings radiations in hexahonal to matrix, generating revolving electromagnetic field.

In formula F-4 use the sequence to switchings EHF-generator, located under углом 120 degrees. Cut-in EHF-generator (42-53-60 GHz) occurs consecutively.

Herewith periodic change position is realized with a-c-b on a1-c1-b1 (fig.3 and fig.4).

In formula F-5 use consequent switching EHF -generator (42-53-60 GHz), located on move of the hour hand.

Herewith periodic change position is realized with a-c1-b on a1-c-b1.

In formula F-6 use the sequence to switchings EHF -generator, located under углом 180 degrees. Cut-in fresh EHF -generator (42-42 53-53 and 60-60 GHz) occurs consecutively.

Herewith periodic change position is realized with aa1 on cc1 and on bb1 (fig.6).

Each program is repeated in cycle since period of the slow first-order wave by duration in 33 beats of the pulse. This period corresponds to the rhythm an intersystemic relations. Moreover 21 beats of the pulse accounts for period with maximum factor of the filling the signal and 12 beats of the pulse - for a period of with maximum porousity of the signal.

The repetition of the cycle 9 once provides time to realization equal 298 beats of the pulse (9 h 33 =298) that approximately corresponds to five minutes of physical time. On length following 60 beats of the pulse is realized pause, when influence is absent.

Under the individual normal fluctuation interpulse interval from 0,66-1,00 with realtime of the procedure, including worker cycle and pause, will form 3,94-5,97 minute [(298+60)*0,66/60]=(358*0,66)/60=3,94 and (358*1,0)/60=5,97 minute. Clean time of the influence (without pause) will form (298 * 0,66)/60=3,28 minute and (298 *1,0)/60=4,97 minute.

The Amount of the repetitions is defined by duration of the procedure: 298 beats of the pulse (beside 5 minutes), 596 beats of the pulse (beside 10 minutes), 894 beats of the pulse (beside 15 minutes), 1192 beats of the pulse (beside 20 minutes), 1490 beats of the pulse (beside 25 minutes), 1788 beats of the pulse (beside 30 minutes) e.c.t. 

The Realization of the influence is realized in software-operated mode, providing change the frequency and duration pulse influences with beat of the pulse and breathing of the patient in tact. The Biological feedback includes respiratory and heart-vascular system, sensor of the breathing and pulse, summer, width-pulse modulator, software-rememberring device, electronic commutator, wave-conductor  with radiation antenna.

Use acceptance bioadaptive of control was provided at realization matrix millimeter therapy directed on modification of the condition patients in the manner of relaxations. The Main correlations of the frequency of the pulse and respiratory cycle reductions, as well as period of the functioning and pauses for all programs of the influence were an realized with use of forced control breathing.

The Program to realization of the forced breathing includes six molded the influences with consequent realization millimeter impulse of the radiation, duration and pauses which depends on correlations of the number heart beats and cycles of the breathing: 3:1; 4:1; 5:1; 6:1; 8:1; 8:1.

Each formula of the influence of the program is realized in strict correspondence to with algorithm of the switchings ASD-radiations, recorded in ROM device.

The Formula of the influence cyclical is repeated. Herewith, one cycle of the influence is divided on two consecutively executed part. The Influence at will user is assigned number amount reiterative cycles from 1 before 7, including each period of the functioning in 300 beats of the pulse and period of the pause in 60 beats of the pulse.

In program herewith use the mode "synchronizing the forced deceleration of the breathing".

This mode realizes synchronizing impulses radiations with frequency of the heart beats and breathings reductions of the patient, but on special algorithm, when realize the fluent deceleration of the breathing before correlation 8:1. In this case on special to straightedge indicator must be flashed signals of the breath, pauses and exhalation. The Light signals of the breath-pauses-exhalation are flashed at moments of the appearance signal pulse. Analysis is provided in program on correspondence to of the velocities of the breathing and pulse on special chronodiagnostical algorithm.

Biocontrol change the influence EMR is concluded in cyclical switching ASD - a generator of the different frequency synchronous in tact with beats of the pulse inwardly respiratory cycle, defining different duration useful carrying signal: at moment of the systole and on breath duration pulse most, but at moment diastole and exhalation- least.

In work are considered deterministic models of the pathological conditions endometrium and myometrium in the manner of codified matrixes syndrome on base of the parabolic dependency symptoms (Y= X3). The Designed system to formalizations signs for differential diagnostics metroendometritis, diffuse of the form endometriosis and fibromioma. The formalized history disease contained 38 signs.

The Quantitative signs, being half way between itself in parabolic dependency, have served the base for development of the differential diagnostic system to categorizations considered pathological conditions.

Use given diagnostic system is calculated for selection sick on undertaking optimum therapy, including computer software operated millimeter therapy. Clinical verification has shown that algorithm possesses high sensitivity (91,5%) and specificity ( 81,8%) that reflects his(its) differential - a diagnostic possibilities.

The Estimation to efficiency of the treatment with the help of software operated matrix millimeter therapy was conducted beside 60 womans with metroendometritis, complicated adnecsitis on background base therapy.  Herewith, two modes were used: 1) false millimeter therapy, when device was enclosed and installed matrix radiation, but without electromagnetic radiation (the mode placebo); 2) mode software operated influences with the help of included hexahonal of the matrix.

In group sick got real millimeter therapy was noted full disappearance of the syndrome to pains beside 70 % sick after course treatment. The difference this statistical reliable (p<0,001).

Realistically more often met having weak and moderate pain in group sick cured with the help of real software operated matrix millimeter therapy.

After rate software operated millimeter of the action is noted reduction of the level  anxious situation of patient: realistically increased the share sick in low-level class (79%) anxious situation and realistically fell the share sick, having sparingly increased (16%) and high level (5%) anxious situation.

The dynamics reorganize internal structure of the rhythm heart is indicative of reduction level adrenergic mechanism and increase the contribution cholinergic mechanism of regulation  (the table 2).

Table 2 Indexes to information model of the microstructure rhythm heart


information parameters of model

Regime of millimeter therapy



Module of difference











P1 %



P1 - P3

P1 - P2

P2 - P3


Accelerate correction








Zero correction








Delay correction


























What follows from presented in table 2 data, pattern of microstructure rhythm heart at period small variability nearby interval was charaterized by before treatment. Zero correction formed 96% all interval. Consequently, was noted sharply expressed a prevalence of the adrenergic mechanism regulation. When use placebo mode has not occurred reliable change the internal structure of the rhythm heart.

Only after course software operated matrix millimeter therapy noted reliable shifts microstructure rhythm heart. In particular, decreased the share zero correction before 65%, increased the share slowing correction before 25% and increased the share accelerating correction before 10%.

The Nature of the change parameter EEG, herewith, reflects the normalization an neurodynamic processes to brain activity, directed on reinforcement of the reactions of the braking.

Concluding as a whole, follows to emphasize the system nature, rendered on sick with pathology feminine sexual spheres, influences software operated matrix millimeter therapy, used in mode biocontrol.


  1. The Formed system of the slicing parameter in the aggregate presenting codified to models, realizing effects revolving electromagnetic field, differring by hexagonal location of the radiations in leading matrix.
  2. The designed chronodiagnostic algorithms for computer software-operated millimeter therapy, differring by biocyclical principle of control influence extremely high frequency radiation in hexagonal to matrix.
  3. They Are Created structure of the models and algorithm of computer control intensity influences, directed on optimization of the medical influence, differring differentiated by use hexagonal radiating matrixes, timed parameter to biological feedback;
  4. The marketed algorithms of the analysis and processing to clinical information in the manner of automated module, directed on recognition metroendometritis, endometriosis and diffuse of the form fibromioma and differring way of the coding to information in the form of the parabolic dependency signs.

The article is admitted to the International Scientific Conference "Modern Medical Technologies (diagnostics, therapy, aftercare and prophylaxis)", Moscow-Barselona., 2006, July 7-14;  came to the editorial office on 06.10.06