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European Journal of Natural History
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Spasov A.A., Bugaeva L.I., Bukatin M.V., E.A.Kuzubova, D.N.Rebrova.
In the group of N9 - substituted of Imidazobenzimidazoles it has been revealed a new antioxidatic substance, surpassing of an antioxidant preparation of mixidol (V.A.Kosolapov, 2003) in efficiency. Toxicological researches proved that this substance is less toxic. LD50 is 1680 mg/kg, the therapeutic index is 336 c.u., in intragasric administration, but a safe diapasone of therapeutic activity is 12 c.u. in which the dose of 5 mg/kg corresponds to the lower level of safe therapeutic action, and a dose of 60 mg/kg - to the top level. Thus, the gonadotrophic properties of this substance   were subjected to investigation in further reseaches.

The purpose of the present reseach was to study the influence of a new antioxidant substance on the generative function of male-rats.

The experiments are carried out on 90 male-rats (60 males and 30 females) with the mass of 180 gramm, keeping the rules of the International convention on the protection of the vertebrates (Strasbourg, 1986).

During the researches the males have been subdivided into 3 equal groups. The investigated substance was introduced per os in a dozes of 5 and 60 mg/kg, (1 and 2 group) for 2 months, the 3-rd group was intact. A sexual behavior, the spermiogramme have been studied and a gonad morphometry was performed. The duration of latent period and sexual activity, the number of approaches of male to female and number of coupling with intact female-rats were studied. To investigate the male´s spermiogramm male-rats were subjected to ether narcosis. The testicles and epididymis were exracted. The spermatic substance from epididymis was taken to calculate number of normal and pathological forms of spermatozoons and period of their motility. Testicles were subjected to histological processing for morfometry´s research. Statistical data processing was carried out with Microsoft Exel programme.

As a result of researches it is revealed, that the latent period reduced (20-30 %) and duration of sexual activity increased in male-rats of 1 and 2 groups. At the same time, the amount of male´s approaches to females increased 2,5-fold in time the 1-st group of male-rats. Then, the same changes in males of the 2 group was found in a lesser degree (10-15 %).

The reliable growth of total number of spermatozoons (17 and 34 %) and the prolongation of the period of spermatozoons´s motility 15 % was revealed in spermiogramm of experimental groups of males at the same time.

The amount of pathological forms corresponded to the control rates. The tendency of decreasing of gonads mass coefficient (10-12 %) and growth of epididimys mass coefficient (8-10 %) was revealed during gonads´s morphometry in males, receiving the substance in dozes of 5 and 60 mg/kg.

It is established, that the index of a spermatogenesis in these animals did not change, and the canaliculuses´s number in testicles with the desquamated epithelium increased

The results of researches showed that new antioxidant substance of some N9 -substituted of Imidazobenzimidazoles activates the sexual motivations of males, stimulates spermatozoons´s emission from testicles to epididymis and influences the morphostructure of gonads´s canales, depending on the dose.

The article is admitted to the International Scientific Conference "Prior Directions of Scientific, Technological and Engineering Development "Egypt, Sharm-El-Sheikh, 2006, November 20-27; came to the editorial office on 30.10.06