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Sazina A.A., Kharchenko O.N.
The succsessful realisation of the market strategy of Russia is closely connected with activisation of investment processes, what is explained by the existing scientific-technological and technic delay from the world market leaders in the questions of infrastructure and technology.

The primary task for the solution of the given problem is the question of providing the process of market economy reforming with the large volumes of resources, and first of all-financial resources. It is evident, that, the scarce abilities of russian enterpreneurs concerning the direct financing of capital costs makes the necessity of search of new progressive nontraditional forms of investment activities. As so as traditional (extensive) mechanisms of investment of such scales projects, for example, attracting of loan capacities into the investment project as the direct long term investing credit don´t allow to tell about high rates and efficiency of business processes.

The solutions of the tasks, problemed by market strategy of Russia, are founded in the using of synergetic effect: from one side; effective business-processes, from another - effective investments. That´s why the special meaning in the practic work according the structure reconstructing of Russian economy is devoted to leasing, as the most important element of government investing policy, which includes accompanied private, group and public interests. The given form of the investment activity allows to the economis subject to provide the simultaneous improvement od active conditions, technologic base and general finacing-economic condition. It happens thanks to the ability of circulating assets and concentration of costs for financial capital investments, what provides the largest stability of financila flows, in comparison with the purchase with at the own costs. The efiiciency of multiple using of leasing on economy is determined by its capacity to activate private investments into the production field, improves financial condition of economic subjects and increses the competitive business abilities in a whole.

According to the current opinion, leasing mechanism has dual base and containes the the parts of credit and rent activities. Ant the more detailed analysis of leasing operations shows the presence of features of investment relations:

  • irreversibility, connected with the temporary lose of consumer capital value (for example liquidity);
  • waiting for increasing of the initial level of wealth;
  • vagueness, connected with sending the results into long-termperspective.

And at the same time, the investment part of leasing has the number of advantages:

  • long terms of financing;
  • flexibility in the managing of financial flows;
  • flexibility in planning and further using of investment schemes.

As a form of organisation, leasin is equal to the real investments (physis capital investments), as it is the special kind of enterprise activity, directed to the investment of temporaly free financial resoueces into specially required ownship, given for the payment on the contract leasing base to persons or juridical person for the enterpreneur purposes.

Investment part of leasing is determined by the relationship of two subjects, having diametrically opposite interests. At this time the aims for leasing-giver and leasing-receiver have much in common with the aims of investment process: the investment of free financial resources into non-convercial actives with the aim of their long-term using.

The relationships with the participants of leasing dealing depend on the base terms of economi subjects activities and determine the necessity of forming and making the appropriate macro and micro realities of investment strategies.

With the macroeconomic positions leasin allows to create new actives in a real economic sector: leasing-giver and leasing-receiver come into relations concerning the capital, but not in monetary but in producing form, as in the base of leasing we can find the passing of the ownship.

On the micro level the deceision of realising that or another leasing scheme depend on the profitability of definite projects and money flows connecting with them. Consequently, the problesm of leasing using can and must be explored in the context of investment managing.

The article is admitted to the International Scientific Conference "Investment Vehicle of Leasing"; Extra-mural, 2006, October, 15-20; came to the editorial office on 12.10.06