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European Journal of Natural History
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Iermolenko T.I. 1 Karnaukh E.V. 1
1 Kharkiv national medical university

The modern European system of higher education in Ukraine seeks to steadily improve the forms and methods of training, the maximum zoom it up to modern standards organization, to give every student a quality and effective education.

The priorities of the state policy in higher education is a personal focus, continuous improvement of education quality, update its content and form, the introduction of innovative educational technologies, integration of national education to European and world education.

Innovative teaching didactic methods experimentally confirmed by the example of the discipline “Pharmacology” in Kharkiv National Medical University.

Teaching by Pharmacology as one of the main theoretical subjects preclinical and clinical training of future doctors are constantly improving.

In terms of educational innovation and reform the education system, improving quality is an important social problem, which is caused by the processes of globalization and the need for creating conditions for individual development.

In our country there are changes in the educational process aimed at improving the quality of training, including the use of personality-oriented learning technologies.

Applying by modern student-centric model organization of quality higher medical education, we have implemented educational technology of interactive training module based on REAL- methods by N. Maslova and with forming by individual student academic portfolio.

Experimental study of the application of these personality-oriented technology training was conducted among students of 3rd year medical faculty. The results of this pedagogical experiment proved that in terms of student-centric learning model gradually reveal all personal information learning opportunities and of student’s intellectual potential.

Each student analyzes the information, its reproduction, storage, systematization and generalization and also aware of their personal responsibility for the decision and the work done.

This gives the opportunity to update and deepen knowledge of the earning discipline, improve internal and external student‘s motivation, confirm the high level of knowledge and get good results that meet modern European standards of higher medical education.

This reflects the psychological and pedagogical direction of a high school teacher for the organization of all parts of students at workshops.

The work is submitted to the International Scientific Conference «Development of Scientific Potential of Higher Education», UAE (Dubai), March, 4–10, 2016, came to the editorial office оn 31.01.2016.