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European Journal of Natural History
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Medvedev A.V. 1
1 Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics, branch
1. Constructor and solver of discrete optimal control problems (“Karma”) / Computer program. Certificate of Rospatent, registration number 2008614387 from 11.09.2008.
2. Medvedev A.V. Informational and analytical support business planning tasks // European Journal Of Natural History. – 2014. – № 2.

In the context of the wide availability of statistical and analytical information about the characteristics of business in different areas of social and economic activity, remains urgent development of decision support systems (DSS) in the scope of business planning, focused on the end user – the economist-analyst, entrepreneur, businessman. These DSS thus should be targeted for use in a mobile environment, which requires the development of the concept of information and analytical support, which obviously can currently be based on Internet-accessible socio-economic information. Socio-economic transformation of the global information networks for use in the modern financial and economic systems must pass several major stages:

1) from the Internet to a database of socio-economic information by expert determination aggregate information sites containing data set of different economic specificity (micro-, meso-, macroeconomic levels, financial, commercial, administrative, social etc.);

2) from a database of socio-economic information in files containing structured numerical data (usually in the form of time series data on asset prices and products, features of financial-economic activity of enterprises, industry specifics about exchange rates, on credit-deposit policy of financial institutions, the economic, commercial, domestic and foreign trade market conditions, financial and labor markets etc.) through expert selection of necessary information;

3) preliminary statistical and mathematical processing (usually in the form of averaging, ranking aggregation, inter- and extrapolation of data from selected expert time series) by determining the relevant expertise for future operations;

4) fully automatic lacement of pretreated information in the application packages and DSS.

The financial and analytical package [1] solves linear optimal control problem and was designed for the evaluation of investment projects at various levels. One requires statistical and analytical information, the structure of which is shown in [2]. Important features of the information-analytical support of DSS said, the above conditions must be, on the one hand, the minimum set out in point 2 characteristics, and on the other – their adequacy for the revenue and expenditure flows of enterprises in accordance with the algorithms conceptually relevant accounting rules for calculating these flows, adopted in the Russian Federation.


The work is submitted to the International Scientific Conference “European Integration of Higher Education”, Croatia (Istria), July, 23–30, 2014, came to the editorial office оn 09.07.2014.