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European Journal of Natural History
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Maslennikova L.A. 1
1 Pacific State Medical University

In the beginning of 20 century K.A. Timiryazev wrote, that if the humanity wanted to survive it had to «become greener». Economic direction that dominated till the end of the 20th century more and more often is replaced by ecological one. The future of the humanity depends on its ability to attain the rational combination of economic and ecological interests. The formation of the new consciousness is a lasting process that is carried out through grafting people knowledge, ability, possession and is supported by new economic relations between producers and society in general. Theoretical and practical classes of students of pharmaceutical faculty in «fundamentals of ecology and nature protection» are necessary primarily for formation ecological consciousness of a modern citizen of our Planet-ecocentrism. For this purpose several directions are chosen: theoretical knowledge of discipline, because we can’t answer the question «why do we need this?» without it; lab research, which proves the existence of the problem, case of technology give the opportunity to analyze the problems independently, creative works stimulate people to active search for the answers.

During lab classes we make several computational researches that show us a condition of human habitat in the definite place. In his work «lungs of my town» a student-pharmacist describes phytocenosis of a certain location and using some specific methods calculates its gas productivity. Students make a conclusion that green plants of cities are not capable for providing all city-dwellers with oxygen, thus forests of our planet are global lungs of the world and we need to protect them. Students also make computational researches in other subjects: lichenoindication, morphological status of the plants, chemical consist of a leaf in places with different anthropogenic influence; the consist of the air in towns, main and minor highways and other researches. Of course, we didn’t ignore a new direction «green chemistry», as a new way of thinking in chemistry and a hope for a clean human habitat on our planet. The last century is characterized by increasing of production and consumption of medicines, accordingly, the content is arising in the environment. It can become the treat to the people’s health and the whole planet. In this connection the questions of the solution of this ecological problem is becoming especially actual. Pharmaceutical pollution of the Earth is a serious reality of our time. The students suggested a new way of solving of this problem on the basis of the case-game, introduction of the «chemical chips», which become more active under definite conditions and situations. The forming of ecological conscious is the double problem: preservation of environment and forming the new human.

The work is submitted to the International Scientific Conference «Strategy for science education», Israel (Tel Aviv), April 25 – Мay 2, 2014, came to the editorial office оn 28.03.2014.