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Gilmutdinova L.T. 1 Gizatullina N.S. 1 Sakhabutdinova A.R. 1 Nazarova E.M. 1 Iseyeva D.R. 1 Semyonova S.M. 1 Atnagulova E.R. 1
1 Bashkir state medical university

As a result of learning using andragogic learning model, in the Bashkir State Medical University at the Department of Medical Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy and Health Resort of the Institute of Postgraduate Education, people who have successfully mastered the educational program, acquire professional competence, knowledge, abilities, skills on physiotherapy and sports medicine specialty.

At present physiotherapy and sports medicine speciality has integrated into many sections of medicine and outlined a wide range of activities, ranging from preserving the health of healthy people, prevention of diseases to medical rehabilitation at all its stages. Sports medicine plays an important role in training of athletes, maintaining their health, in achieving the highest sports results. Nowadays the experts of physical therapy and sports medicine are demanded in all areas of medical practice.

The main educational program of postgraduate professional education on physiotherapy and sports medicine specialty is the regulatory guidance document, which regulates the content and form of organizational and methodological training of this specialty in postgraduate education of doctors.

Since 2000 in the Bashkir State Medical University physicians have been training on the program of professional education training, general and thematic improvement at the Department of Medical Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy and Health Resort of the Institute of Postgraduate Education in the cycle of «Physiotherapy and sports medicine», «Urgent issues of gymnastics and sports physiotherapy», «Medical rehabilitation». Clinical bases of the department are Republican medical sports clinic, sanatorium «Zelyonaya Roscha» («Green Grove») in Ufa.

Educational and professional activities aimed at building competencies that determine overall professionalism of the doctors.

Modernization of education in institutions offering vocational education and training at the moment, is connected with the implementation of the competence-based approach. Competence -based approach is focused on a such result of the formation where the determining factor is a combination of knowledge, skills and ability to apply the knowledge in professional practice.

The objectives of the improvement program include the improvement of the knowledge, acquisition of skills, new competencies in this specialty.

The retraining of the specialist begins with methodologically consistent studying of the theoretical foundations of physiotherapy, clinical and physiological justification for the use of methods, systematization of the exercises, drawing physiotherapy techniques, biomechanics of movement, biochemistry of muscle activity and their clinical implementation. The doctors are taught on training medical monitoring methods in sport, rehabilitation, training athletes for the competitions. Lectures cover topical issues of using the new technologies, information and training programs in the rehabilitation process for the acquisition of professional competences.

In the pedagogical process, as a visual material, we use multimedia equipment, electronic control training tests, online resources, methodical textbooks, simulators, training videos, movies, working in the simulation center. At the practical classes, students work out on functional samples in order to obtain the most complete and comprehensive information about the physical development, health assessment, indicators of its physical performance. Then, their learned techniques are put into practice of treating patients at various stages of their rehabilitation.

Based on the theoretical and practical knowledge specialist can provide qualified preventive and rehabilitative care to maintain the health of healthy people and the patients with reduced functional reserves of the body.

The important task is to develop the best methods of independent work. It is carried out in the process of developing and testing the methods of physiotherapy, writing term papers, essays, speeches at physiotherapists, balneologists, physical therapists and sports medicine doctors’ Association, devoted the introduction of new technologies into practice; new techniques of using the equipment.

After the familiarization of each section of the program, some kind of control is carried out: a set-off test or a test of practical skills in the specialty.

Thus, as a result of learning, using andragogic learning model, people who have successfully mastered the educational program, acquire professional competence, knowledge, abilities, skills. Students are motivated to achieve the goal of learning and formation of common cultural and professional competence and readiness to work in modern conditions.


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The work is submitted to the International Scientific Conference «Innovative medical technologies», France, March, 14-21, 2014, came to the editorial office оn 15.02.2014.