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European Journal of Natural History
ISSN 2073-4972


Drushevskaya V. and Aleksanyants E.
At present, the morphological peculiarities and the special features are being given and counted for the great deal in the sporting acrobatics, as the human constitutional traits, the human body weight characteristics, the human body proportions are being defined the specific specialization and the sportsmanship manifestation success and its efficiency.

So, the interconnection between the human constitutional traits and the sporting - technical results has been described in the methodological and the scientific literature.

The highly skilled and qualified acrobats (e.g. 29 masters of sports and the candidates in the masters of sports), having had the specializations on the jumps on the acrobatic path and the double mini - tramp, have taken their part in the study and the research. The examined age has been in the range of from the 15 up to 19 years.

All these observations have been carried out during the training and the instructional studies on the КGUFКSТ and SDUSОR № 1basis of the Krasnodar town.

It, moreover, has been determined, that the dolichomorphic and the mesomorphic types are quite typical for the acrobats - jumpers, at the human body proportions types study and the further examination by P.N. Bashkirov.

The following regularity has been registered at the acrobats´ human body weight composition components analysis, depending on the sporting qualification: and the muscular component is being increased, the fat component is being decreased, with the sportsmanship rise. In its turn, the bone component is not practically being changed.

We had carried out the researches, which showed, that the «mean - armed» and the «long - armed» types are being predominated over at the acrobats - jumpers, having taken into consideration the upper and the lower extremities´ lengths significance.

Thus, the morphological peculiarities and the special features, and also the indications, having limited the acrobats´ high - level sportsmanship and their efficiency achievement exposure, will be allowed to be conducted the reserve of the full value preparation for the combined teams already at the specialized preparation stage.

The paper has been presented for the «The Experimental and Clinical Medicine Contemporary Challenges» Scientific International Conference, Thailand (Bangkok-Pattajya), December, 20-30, 2009. Recieved by the editorship on 17.11.2009.