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European Journal of Natural History
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Samotrueva M., Tyurenkov I., Luzhnova S., Magomedov M., Kuleshevskaya N. and Serezhnikova T.
Nootropics is a popular group in treating many diseases of central nervous system. Phenotropil which is of interest is characterized by multicomponent drug-induced effects. Taking into consideration the fact of immunoreactivity changes while the majority of pathologic processes in CNS, we regard learning of phenotropil´s immunocorrective activity of current concern.

Objective of the work is to learn influence of phenotropil on humoral link of immunogenesis in conditions of experimental immunodepression.

The experiment is conducted in 50 mice with SVA line of both genders 3-4 months old. Immune deficiency was modulated by intraperitoneal introduction of cyclophosphamide 100 mg/kg. Humoral immunoreactivity was estimated on the basis of reactions of direct hemagglutination. Sheep erythrocytes were used as antigenetic stimulation pulse. The experimental animals were divided into groups (n=10): control #1 (physiological saline), control #2 (mice with immunosupression); experiment groups - immunodepressive animals who got phenotropil 25mg/kg, 50 mg/kg, or 100 mg/kg ip. All manipulations with animals were conducted keeping international principals of Declaration of Helsinki. The results were statistically processed using Student t-test.

It is established in the course of the work that single intraperitoneal introduction of phenotropil in all tested doses enables reconditioning of the level of antierythrocytic antibody against introduction of immunodepressant, positively increasing the index more than 50% in comparison to the corresponding characteristics in control #2. The most effective were doses 25mg/kg and 50 mg/kg, when using them titer of antibody reached baseline level in control #1.

Thus the obtained data allow concluding that phenotropil shows expressed immunocorrective action, eliminating cyclophosphamide induced disorders of antibody response which is of interest in the context of following learning of neuroimmunotropic effects of the medication.

The work is presented for an International Science Conference "Fundamental and applied researches in medicine", France (Paris), October 13-20, 2009. Received by the editorship on 19.08.2009.