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European Journal of Natural History
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Golubeva L.V., Kazakova I.A., Rudenko I.B., Zvereva R.A.

The purpose of the present work has been the estimate of efficiency of the textbook of methodics for students: "Training chart of work-related disease or occupational hazards patient´s case history", developed by the assistants of our Department on the ground of State Educational Standard requirements on discipline.

The discussed textbook has been created to teach students the features of work-related disease patients´ or suspects´ management and such patients´ histories writing rules.

The textbook consists of the following sections:

  1. Background information about the patient.
  2. Occupational history.
  3. Sanitary and hygienic characteristic of the worksite
  4. Unbiased state of the patient.
  5. Diacritical argument.
  6. Clinical diagnosis of the disease.
  7. Working capacity of the patient.
  8. Plan of curative and preventive measures of medical nature.

A special attention is paid to the diacritical argument. The student should answer the following questions:

  1. Which work-related diseases can occur owing to the influence of working environment hazards common for the worksite of a given patient?
  2. Are there occupational disease signs? If there are some, then, which ones? To prove the occupational disease diagnosis or the lack of the last.
  3. Is a given disease associated with the conditions of work (directly or indirectly)?

Further on, it is necessary to state a full explicated clinical diagnosis according to the modern classification, and in the absence of a complete examination of the patient - to evolve a plan of necessary laboratorial and instrumental surveys.

A big section is dedicated to the patient´s working capacity evaluation. Concerning a given patient the student should determine if a temporary director or permanent disability (complete or partial one) takes place, if the provision of employment (redeployment) is necessary. Further on, a plan of curative and preventive measures of medical nature and sanitary and hygienic recommendations is evolved.

In the consequence of case history writing on the given scheme the students, first of all, master their professional skills (of patients´ physical examination). Besides, when writing the occupational history, a suspicion in terms of possible association of the present disease with the occupation is developed, that is necessary in the following work of the doctor of any speciality.

At the work on the case history of a work-related disease suspect the student faces a concrete clinical situation distinct from those occurred earlier.

It develops an offbeat clinical thinking in the student, promotes a constructive and creative approach to the problem solution in any clinical situation.

The work was submitted to international scientific conference «Modern education. Problems and solutions », Thailand, Desember, 20-30, 2008, came to the editorial office 10.10.2008.