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European Journal of Natural History
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Parakhonsky A.P., Venglinskaya Е.А.

The central concept of our researches is political socialization which is understood as a way of the person to finding civil outlook, comparison of the system of values to the certain vision of the state interest, influence on such identification of purposeful factors. Political socialization in high school as the party of a vital way of the developing person is space of a meeting (interaction, connection) official pedagogics (educational system), a policy (political traditions), concrete conditions of the biography of the separate person or the whole generation. Studying of so multiplane subject as political socialization various generations, first of all, youth, demands the interdisciplinary approach. It presumes to answer the following basic questions: conducting approaches to of political socialization in a history and the modernity in various scientific directions; Historical experience of interaction of pedagogics, medicine and authority in practice of political socialization representatives of various ethnoses, faiths, regions, generations, floors in conditions of educational system of the higher school; optimum ways of studying political of socialization in a modern, polycultural society and development of recommendations on its perfection, including through interaction of pedagogical system of the higher school with the government.

The answer to the first item gives a panorama of various approaches to a problem, necessary for its three-dimensional consideration owing to integrated approach of an object of research. The answer to the second item can give representation about historical dynamics of pedagogical mechanisms of political socialization inside various educational levels and on their crossing. The answer to the third item will allow to offer new approaches to studying modern lines in of political socialization, those conditions and factors which define procedures of political socialization people from different generations at their meeting with the state. It is necessary for high school system to provide graduates, except for a professional knowledge and skills, skills to be guided in an escalating stream of the information, readiness for constant updating and updating of knowledge, and also ability to dialogue to interaction in collective, to the decision of disputed situations.

From these positions it is possible to believe, that - the manager in system of higher education it is necessary to include the following aspects in process of preparation of the medical sister: historical - a history of development of medicine and the general pathology; ethical - basic principles and concepts "is angry", "kindly", "validity", "conscience", "honesty"; legal - realization of key rules standard - legal certificates; medical - scientific validity, an estimation of a degree of risk, utility or uselessness, danger or safety for health and lives of the patient; psychological - models of interaction, psychological features of the medical worker and the patient; social - conformity to system of knowledge of norms and the values formulated in a society; religious - an admissibility of actions of the medical sister from positions of existing religious faiths; Educational - formation of valuable orientations in relation to the person of the examinee, to the own person, formation of the concept " I am a manager ".

Thus, the given approach allows to form the competent spiritual - moral person of the future medical the sister - manager, thus, to reduce negative consequences of use of new technologies both for separately taken person, and for a society as a whole.

The work was submitted to international scientific conference «Modern science education», China, Beijing, November, 26 - December, 4, 2007, came to the editorial office 08.08.2008