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Pavlenko V.V.
внутренний контроль

Today in the modern press the problem of participation of the student in scientifically-educational process for which it and is developed at all is not shined. All publications reflect directions on which it is necessary to move, there is a search of ways of perfection of technology of teaching, science and education integration, attempts to make scientifically-educational process innovative and many other things are undertaken. Scientific researchers are not carried out in our country in the field of interrogation of students and schoolboys that give existing education to them, what lacks exist in educational process according to their representations, that in their opinion it is necessary to change in an education system. First, this area of research represents very important component, capable to find the best ways of creation of innovative scientifically-educational system; secondly, involves students to participation in working out of such program; Thirdly, forces young generation to think and develop as in power of thinking, and learns to reflect the thoughts in the verbal form; fourthly, it is scientific work for students who under the guidance of leading scientists can make questionnaires most prominent aspects of educational system; fifthly, this creation, on the basis of the deep analysis of existing educational programs and the relation to them of the basic consumer (his career: professional suitability, device possibility on specialties, scientific growth, conformity to requirements of customers already at an employment stage etc.) Concepts (which today in our country simply does not exist) capable to make scientifically-educational process innovative; sixthly, it is research work, training and career for a large quantity of sociologists, philosophers, psychologists and experts in other disciplines on the scale of all country at existing specificity of schools, high schools, educational systems etc. Thereupon for teachers disappears necessity: search within the precincts of educational institutions that of dissertations; preparations of pseudoscientific researches for career growth; to be broken off on performance of the basic work and carrying out of scientific researches (one in a damage of another). If the teacher aspires to give simultaneously a quality education and to raise the status in scientific activity creation of a feedback the student-teacher will be the best achievement of this purpose and. Self-development and perfection of pedagogical and scientific activity for both parties, adjustment of contacts, mutual understanding, appeal creation scientifically-educational programs and for teachers ability to light an audience to draw attention and to interest students to master a subject that should lay down in a basis of reports on the activity as the scientific work, allowing to receive scientific degrees. As it is impossible to garble level of readiness of students in subjects of each separately taken teacher, scientific activity of already concrete teacher will be in direct dependence on indicators (not simply progress which can be manipulated) activity of students in scientific activity.

The work was submitted to international scientific conference «Prospects for the development of university science», Dagomys (Sochi), 20-23 September 2008, came to the editorial office on 21.07.2008.