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Ulyanovskaya S.A., Suhanov S.G.
микродвижения рук
свойства темперамента
уровень координации рук
двигательная тренировка

It is known that somatostatin has asignificant effect on various digestion processes, slows down the inflow of nutrient materials into portal blood and blocks the critical increase of metabolites in blood [Klimov P.K. and coauthors, 1987].

The earlier carried out investigation of the incretory part of the developing pancreatic gland revealed regional morphogenesis features of the organ. It was detected that against the background of the gland´s ductal part hypoplasia the insular one exceeded the innate norm in its specific density [Sukhanov S.G., Ulyanovskaya S.A., 2006, 2007]. In connection with this it was decided, first of all, to study the content of somatostatin as one of the main metabolites of the insular tissue of the fetal gland.

The purpose of the work is to study and evaluate quantitatively the content of somatostatin granules in the pancreatic gland tissue of fetuses and newborns by the immunohistochemical method.

Material and methods of the investigation: the work was carried out on the autopsy material collected at the department of morbid anatomy of the SEH ARTH of Archangelsk, the immunohistochemistry and histiometry of fetuses´ (17-40 weeks) and died newborns´ (18 cases) pancreatic gland was carried out. The glands wee fixed in the neutral formaline; for the somatostatin granules identification the monoclonal antibodies to somatostatin (DAKO) were used.

The investigation results: during the whole research period the granules containing somatostatin were detected. The granular cells were located, as a rule, in the insular periphery. The content of colored granules in the cells was characterized by the undulation dependency, and the statistical series - by different degree of asymmetry and excess. The average values of the specific density (Aai) in the gland´s tissue made: in the fetuses up to 20 weeks - 8,5±0,39; 24-27 weeks - 12,1±0,56; 28-31 weeks - 13,5±0,64; 36-40 weeks - 7,8±0,41; in newborns - 11,1±0,59.

The carried out research testified that the content of somatostatin in the pancreatic gland tissue of fetuses and newborns depends on the age factor significantly. A further study of the fetuses´ pancreatic gland insulars´ cellular composition using the immunohistochemical method will specify the phenotypically conditioned features of the organ´s morphogenesis.

The work was granted in the competition on the priority orientations of the science development in the Archangelsk Region, project N 10-13.

The work was submitted to the International Scientific Conference «Diagnostics, therapy, prevention of socially significant diseases rights». Turkey (Antalya), August, 16-23, 2008, came to the editorial office on 30.06.2008.