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European Journal of Natural History
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Tsygankova O.V., Ruyatkina L.A., Bondareva Z.G., Fedorova Ye.L., Ragino Yu.I.

The purpose of the paper was the analysis of sex differences of basal insulinemia (BI) and malondialdehyde (MDA) - low density lipoprotein oxidation value (LDL), interrelation. 143 men aged 47,6±0,5 and 83 women aged 48,3±0,7 with metabolic syndrome (MS). Normotensive men and women without abdominal adiposis (AA) and dyslypoproteidemia formed control groups. The anthropometric characteristics were defined: lipidogram parameters - by the enzymatic calorimetric method using chemical agents "Vital Diagnostics", insulin basal parameters - by the radioimmunoassay technique with the help of Immunotech Insulin Irma sets, glycemia - by the glucose oxidase test. The LDL oxidation resistance was defined on the MDA levels (nmol/1mg of β-lipoproteins albumin) by fluorometry.

When being compared on a series of hemodynamic and metabolic characteristics (body mass index, glycemia, cholesteremia), the men and women differed in the abdominal adipopexia degree (waist circumference (WC) accordingly 99,9±1,3 and 89,5±0,9 cm; р<0,001), triglyceride (2,2±0,2 and 1,6±0,1 mmol/l; р<0,001) and α-cholesterol (1,3±0,1 and 1,6±0,1 mmol/l; р=0,002) levels. BI authentically correlated with the body mass index (r=0,34; p=0,047), WC (r =0,66; р=0,004) and triglycerides (r=0,29; p=0,046) in the men. BI in the MS women correlated with WC only: r=0,40 (р=0,02).

The MDA levels in the MS men (5,1±0,3 nmol/1 mg of LDL albumin) exceede the control ones(2,3±0,2; p<0,01). In the MS and healthy women these parameters didn´t differ (2,8±0,1 and 2,6±0,1accordingly; p>0,05). Authentic correlations (p<0,05) of the MDA levels and insulin were detected both in the men (r=0,35) and women (r=0,50), that reflects the prooxidant role of insulin. In the men this relation became significant in conditions of hyperinsulinemia (≥15 мкед/мл), and in the women it didn´t depend on definite BI values. At the same time, the MDA parameters correlated with WC (r=0,43; p<0,05) as well in the men. There are no correlation relationships of the MDA levels and AA indexes detected.

The actual participation of insulinemia in the oxidative stress realization through the LDL peroxidation mechanism in conditions of the MS cardio-vascular cluster was detected in the men and women. This influence, depending on the sex, is realized at various BI levels. The basal insulinemia leading role in the interrelations with the AA clinical marker - the waist circumference in men, has been established. Their basal hyperinsulinemia manifests its prooxidant influence in two ways: through the direct relation with MDA and indirectly - through the AA parameters; in women insulinemia influences MDA levels irrespective of its basal level parameters. Taking into account the BI correlation with the WC parameters, irrespective of the sex, in the MS diagnostics one can rely on the AA and not concrete levels of insulinemia from the clinical and prognostic point of view.

The work was submitted to international scientific conference «Basic and applied research in medicine», Nov. 26 - Dec. 4, 2008, China (Beijing), came to the editorial office 08.08.2008.