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European Journal of Natural History
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Spiridonova M.S., Lesovskaya M.I., Tsyganova O.B.

Nowadays the Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD) gets younger thus this disease used to appear among 50-65-years old people but now it appears among 35-years old people. It could be caused by negative ecological factors, which may lead to both increasing and decreasing free radicals aggression of human blood phagocytes. One of the main parts of heart destruction is an intensification of cardiac hystiocytes´ lipids free radicals oxidation, which correlates with its level of destruction and with the level of lipids peroxidation products and antioxidants concentration in the blood plasma (Abramova J.I., Vladimirov U.A.). That is why Red-Ox balance is a very important characteristic for diagnostic and correction. One of the most popular types of correction of different diseases is common magnetic therapy (CMT).

Therefore effectiveness of magnetic treatment was assessed by chemiluminescent analyze. The investigation includes examination of blood samples which were taken from people with IHD both gender (male = 56 and female = 26) age was from 43 to 66 years old. The magnetic field was made by special apparatus "Magnetoturbotron-2" (frequency is equal 10 Hz, intensiveness equals 1 milli Tesla). Course of treatment includes ten everyday and 20-minutes treatments. There were assessed different medical indexes such as quantity of leucocytes and phagocytes. The functional phagocyte activity was estimated by biochemiluminometer.

The investigations show that magnetic field did not increase leukocytosis and did not suppressed phagocytic function. But functional activity of leucocytes have increased and exceeded normal level among 61% of patient moreover it increased during the magnetic treatment. As the result, quantity of patient with normal reactivity of phagocyte decreased. Such kind type of chemiluminescet corresponds to ineffective phagocytosis when reactive types of oxygen are generated out of cells it can be risk of peroxide destruction of the nearest tissues.

Thus magnetic field with the level of magnetic induction 1 milliTesla suitable only for the forming local stress-reaction, but it is not universal strategy of treatment such dangerous diseases as ischemic heart disease. That is why it is necessary to investigate more suitable dose of magnetic induction with the help of chemiluminescent analyze which is very sensitive to the blood free radicals level.

The work was submitted to the International Scientific Conference «Diagnostics, therapy, prevention of socially significant diseases rights». Turkey (Antalya), August, 16-23, 2008, came to the editorial office on 01.07.2008.