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European Journal of Natural History
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Muslov S.A., Styureva G.M.
In latter days multifunctional predeterminated-properties materials - the ones, which can change their properties under the effect of external factors and operation conditions (temperature, mechanical loading, etc.), are finding more and more wider application in science, engineering and medicine. Certainly, the alloys with unique and most recently unknown physical and mechanical properties - thermomechanical shape memory effect (TME) and superelasticity (SE), refer to these materials. These alloys are able to reset unusually large inelastic deformations, show rubber-like behavior and damping properties, produce considerable stresses, etc., according to the predetermined program. It is generally recognized that the most vivid and the best representative of SE TME alloys is the intermetallic compound on the base of titanium nickelide NiTi - nitinol.

The application of shape memory super-elastic materials has allowed improving traditional properties and obtaining brand new functional ones of constructions having expanded their practical application areas radically. Non-detachable mechanical joints, drives, heat engines, fire alarms, various medical devices and instruments, vascular implants and filters, valves, occluders, bone implants, papillotomes, gallstone and urolith extractors, pulp extractors, hernioplasty meshes, etc., - these are a small part of these "intelligent" materials typical application examples.

During the last two-three decades in Russia and other technologically developed countries the shape memory alloys´ application grows. On the results of a great number of investigations the international conferences ICOMAT, ESOMAT, EUROMAT, SMST, SMM, SMART, KUMICOM and others are held. A lot enough monographs and publications of fundamental and applied character testifying to considerable achievements in the sphere of titanium nickelide use appeared in the press. By now a great amount of patents on TME alloys, devices and products have been given. The most worked ideas and elaborations have reached the level of gross production, a definite part of products being made commercially. In spite of intent interest to these materials the information about the forecast application spheres of the last very often is incomplete or is contained in not easily accessible sources. The lack of special reference and bibliographical information on the given theme restricts the possibilities of scientific workers and engineers while solving concrete applied problems. The present paper informs about this gap compensation in terms of the patent base - one of the electronic library (EL) eSM@ divisions "Shape Memory Alloys Application In Science, Engineering And Medicine", creation. The base comprehends all the certificates of authorship and both native and foreign patents on the TME alloys from the date of their opening in 1960 up today. The resource has been registered in the Russian record of creation and utilization projects of the EL under the notion of "Information resources collection creation" and in electronic resources exchange scientific net.

The findings can serve a valuable educational and informative support for a community of specialists. The positive dynamics of the invention work results on the titanium nickelide application in medicine in Russia and abroad has been analyzed.

The article is admitted to the International Scientific Conference " Innovation technologies in medicine"; Spain (Costa Brava), 8-15th July, 2007г.; came to the editorial office on 09.11.07.