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European Journal of Natural History
ISSN 2073-4972


Shternis T.A., Guryanova N.O.

The Kemerovo Region - is the region with a developed coal mining and chemical industries, thus the problem of workers´ health formation in these branches is a topical one for public health service of Kuzbass. The purpose of the research is to study morbidity with temporary disability (MTD) of coalminers and workers of chemical enterprises (WCE) (2000-2006). The information about the MTD was got by the method of excerption from disability certificates. The statistical treatment was carried out with use of application program package STATISTICA 6.0. The highest MTD case rate (1435,2±0,01‰ against 915,8±5,0‰; Р<0,001) and disease duration (20,0±0,3 days against 14,0±2,1 days; Р<0,001) are registered in coal producers´ workers. Respiratory diseases rank first within the MTD of coalminers and WCE structure (31,1±1,4% and 29,1±1,8%), the apparatus system and connective tissue diseases take the second place (24,9±1,3% и 19,4±1,6%). Within the coalminers´ MTD structure the third place is taken by traumas, intoxications - 20,6±1,2%, at chemical productions - blood circulatory system diseases- 11,6±1,3%, that is connected with the specificity of the productions. The prophylaxis remains one of the priority principles of the National public health service, so, a special topicality is acquired by the development of prophylactic and rehabilitation programs for coalminers, which seems to be practical only after the in-depth study of health status and life quality of the given social group. A perspective direction is an individual integrated assessment of the disease rise risk depending on the affecting factors totality, that will allow forming groups of dispensary observation and carry out dedicated medical and preventive measures in them.

The work is submitted to the International Scientific Conference "Actual problems of science and education", Cuba (Varadero), March, 19-29, 2008, came to the editorial office on 20.02.2008.