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European Journal of Natural History
ISSN 2073-4972


Babkina V.I., Bachinsky O.N., Plemenova E.U.

Dust lungs diseases are one of most wide-spread forms of professional patology, representing today medical and social problem. In spite of the irreversibility of the development of the pneumoconiosis and chronic obstructive lungs disease, there is a number of patients having sufficient everyday activity functional level of the respiratory system to get elderly and senile age.

The purpose of the investigation is to reveal factors providing the length of elderly and senile age patients life on the basis of the data about the prevalence and character of clinical evidence of professional patology of lungs and analysis of clinical history.

In 2006-2007 in Kursk professional patology center 276 people with the professional disease of the respiratory system were dispensarized.They included 120 patients (43,5%) of senior age.The group of gerontal patients consisted of 108 patients of elderly age, 12 - of senile age.The primary diagnosis was delivered for them in 1975-1985. They were foundry department workers, iron ore quarry workers, coal mine workers who had been working in dustiness from 10 to 17 years.The clinical aspect of pneumoconiosis primary diagnosis corresponded to 1ps/ps on X-ray examination, the irritative bronchitis characterized with the light obstructive disturbances.At present time variants of professional disease of bronchial and lungs system in the group of gerontal patients are COLD- at 62 % of patients,COLD combined with pneumoconiosis - with 19,2 % of siked . It should be mentioned that combination of the two professional diagnosis was verificated with 50% respondents of the senile age.Clinical and X-ray picture of pneumoconiosis corresponded to A,3r,3t,em/A,3q,3t, em. Clinical and functional disturbances of the COLD were at the rate of II-III stage. Chronic pulmonary heart with elderly patients was formed in 40,8% of the events, and with 50% of the senile patients.

At the analysis of clinical history of all the patients with the professional lungs patology it is possible to select some factors, provided longer length of geront´s lives, in spite of the evident development of pneumoconiosis and COLD on the background of the lungs involution. These are early disease diagnosis, rational job with the conservation of labor motivation and social activity, unceasing and long medical rehabilitation on the base of profpatology center recommendations, high social patients responsibility in respect of the conservation of their own health (changing lifestyle, giving up of smoking, compulsory observance recommendation of the physician, etс.)

The work was submitted to III international scientific conference «Modern High Technologies», SAR, June, 5-15, 2008, came to the editorial office 13.03.2008.