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European Journal of Natural History
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Rasteryaeva T.V.
Necessity of innovative strategy is caused by satisfaction of perspective needs of a society as a whole and necessity of maintenance of macroeconomic balance and proportions of economic system in reproduction aspect with long-term prospect. In turn, effective innovative strategy of the state forms economic policy with its components: a structural, budgetary-tax, monetary and credit, social, external economic policy, etc., and also conditions for effective activity of subjects of managing, promotes their integration by means of the coordination of current and perspective economic interests of subjects of market attitudes.

In this case political-economical research of a problem lays in a plane of the analysis of mechanisms of the coordination of interests during development and realization of effective innovative strategy, realization of current and perspective interests by means of economic policy, and also a substantiation of necessity of perfection of these mechanisms.

At such statement of a problem naturally there is a question on maintenance of opportunities and conditions for the adequate coordination of current and perspective interests during development of innovative strategy, a choice of its basic directions. The effective economic mechanism is the base defining opportunities and productivity of formation of effective strategy in conditions of the market, in particular, by means of stimulation and motivation.

Despite of available contradictions of economic growth and the developed disproportions, in Russia there is a potential which is necessary for using effectively. In this connection overcoming of negative tendencies in economy and social sphere, can be provided on the basis of creation of conditions of economic growth adequate to a situation on the basis of perspective interests of subjects of economy in aspect of development of innovative economy.

In that case translation of economy in qualitatively other condition will allow on the basis of economic growth and innovative making to overcome system deformation reproduction cycles, all levels that will render return influence on formation of favorable conditions of economic growth in the long term and preservation of quality of an environment.

The article is admitted to the International Scientific Conference  «Prior  directions  of science development"; USA (New York, Washington, Miami, Las-Vegas, Los-Andzheles), October 26 - November 10, 2007; came to the editorial office on 29.06.07