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European Journal of Natural History
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Ozheva R.Sh., Dautov Yu.Yu.
Arterial hypertension (AH) is the most common disease concerning cardiovascular pathology. Its connection with heavy consumption of sodium salt is evident. The carried out research (Volkov V.S. and co-authors, 2004) testify the existence of high salt gustation threshold (HSGT) in arterial hypertension teenagers. However, more than a half of the teenagers with AH are overweighted. In this context the HSGT level in teenagers with AH in combination with overweight with Quetelet index more than 25 and fasting-diet therapy influence on HSGT.

56 teenagers with AH combined with overweight were examined. The average age was 14 years old (+ 2,6). Besides general clinical-laboratory research the HSGT was studied according to the modified method of Henkin R. (Konstantinov Ye.N. and co-authors, 1983). In accord to the HSGT level the examined patients were divided into three groups: 4 (8,4%) teens had the HSGT level below normal one, 2 (4,2%) - had a medium HSGT level and 50 (87,4%) teens had a higher level of HSGT.

We also raised a question of the HSGT disturbance remoteness. On this basis the examination of 150 teens aged from 14 to 17 was carried out. The analysis of the findings testified that 130 (86,7%) teens have a higher level of HSGT. In the given group the HSGT study in 36 children with periodical arterial pressure rise against the background of overweight. The research data found out the HSGT increase both in the teenagers and their mothers.

A fasting-diet therapy in agreement with the guideline of the USSR MHC (1990) was carried out. The cycle lasted 19 days. Due to curative measures the HSGT decrease was registered in 50 (89,3%) of 56 teenagers. Not only the dynamics of arterial pressure decrease in all the patients was noticed, but also body weight losing by 6,4 kg.

So, it is detected that the HSGT level increase in teenagers has a burdened heredity. the carried out fasting-diet therapy has not only a positive effect at AH and decreases body weight, but also promotes the salt gustation threshold decrease.

The article is admitted to the International Scientific Conference " Medical, social and economical problems of human population´s health preservation"; Turkey (Kemer), 21-28 May 2007; came to the editorial office on 19.06.07