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Shekikhacheva N.I.
Integrative comprehension of real processes and phenomena in the field of pedagogy covers a wide enough range of problems.

In the new millennia the foundation of the educational process for Russia and "its integration into the world´s educational space should be formed by the mankind development concept as the part of the society and nature interaction process; humanity, forming a need to be life-time educated".

One of the current problems of professional education is the problem of continuous education system creation.

In the materials of the international symposium "Secondary education for Europe" (Bern, 1996) a general opinion that if we want to give the younger generation a chance to success, then it is important to define the key competences, is fixed.

The Kabardino-Balkaria multiversity, created 10 years ago and being converted into Bologna system includes also a pedagogical college. The becoming and development of the hierarchical structure of this higher education institution increases the flexibility of general cultural, professional and scientific training of specialists taking into account changing demands of economics.

Within the frame of the multiversity the continuous subjects teaching is practiced, mathematics being among them. The requirements of national educational standards of all professional education levels are taken as the foundation to make the content.

To provide the education content continuation "horizontally" on the level of higher professional education we offer using an approach, at which the content is considered to be the academic information consisting of academic elements´ combination.

It takes into account home and foreign experience of Higher School development and the international education classification accepted by UNESCO, meets the need to form the national educational standard within the frame of the world´s community.

Projecting the academic process while training a future Mathematics teacher. The predominant objects of the pedagogical process are:  the competence formation trajectory, the academic process, the methodical teaching system.

The competence formation trajectory figures a project of an academic process developed within the integration system "Pedagogical College - University". One of the main parameters of arithmetic reasoning is operational efficiency, flexibility, criticism, the ability to review a situation and to find the ways out of crisis situations.  These traits suppose the availability of the following skills in students:

  • logical and algorithmic cogitation;
  • modeling of processes of problems solution;
  • optimal solution method evaluation;
  • rational solution method selection;
  • present-day information technologies application.

The result of such professionalization is the motivation growth with higher education programs study, the solidarity of general, secondary and higher education, and the integration principles realization.

The trajectory of the future teacher professional becoming is divided into three portions: academic training, general educational development and student teaching.

To essentially signified characteristics of the developed technology of a Mathematics teacher training in a pedagogical college under the conditions of regional educational concept we refer the need of practice:

  • scientific - practical activity skills and the educational process correction.

In the foundation of the projecting activity lie the ideas of simulation of such an educational process, such a system functioning trajectory, which inevitably leads to the planned results.

New professional tasks, one of the most actual ones of which is the organization of activity under permanently changing conditions in such a way, so that the graduates´ knowledge had an advanced professional trend.

To be competent means to be able to mobilize the knowledge and experience available, one´s own mood and will to solve a problem under specific life circumstances. Competence is directly proportional to activity, to acknowledged attitude of a human to his own education.

The solidarity of general, secondary and higher education and realization of integration, consistency and fundamentality principles.

The article is admitted to the International Scientific Conference "Problems of the international integration of national educational standards", Paris-London, April, 20-27th 2007 , came to the editorial office on 02.03.07