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European Journal of Natural History
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Plotnikova L.V.

An energy saving upcoming trend at petrochemical enterprises is the organization of energy-technological complexes created on the base of secondary energy resources complex utilization systems. The ethylene production - is a large consumer of fuel and energy resources. At that, the considered production is characterized by a considerable output of secondary energy resources. Thus, in ethylene production there are favourable conditions for the energy-technological complex organization.

The first stage in construction of an energy-technological complex is the system´s work efficiency estimation by means of a system analysis including the analysis of the considered object´s relations structure, the analysis of thermal and thermodynamic effectiveness. The system analysis allows detecting the dependencies between the ethylene production scheme elements, defining the optimal sequence of the scheme computation, rerating of the elements´ efficiency, determining the value of technically usable energy, evaluating the energy saving reserves and revealing the optimum alternative for the energy-technological complex construction.

The suggested energy-technological complex in ethylene production is meant for the production of industrial steam with the pressure of 0,6 MPa, cooled water with the temperature of 7°С and technological streams´ heating up, warming and hot water supply load covering. The given complex allows putting into effect the utilization of secondary energy resources being formed in the same production. This is the warmth of pyrolysis furnaces´ combustion gases, gas purifiers´ recycled and condensed water.

*The work is performed within the framework of the RF President grant МК-2759.2007.8

The article is admitted to the International Scientific Conference «Technologies-2007. Energy efficient technologies», Kemer (Turkey), May 20-27, 2007, came to the editorial office on 18.11.07