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European Journal of Natural History
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Badalova M.S, Galimova L.A., Trizno N.N., Ivanov O.A.
The problems of influence of sulphuriumcontaining gas on thyroid gland now are investigated insufficiency. Between that the urgency of the given problem is defined by the necessity of prophylaxis of   pathology of a thyroid gland at the workers of manufactures connected with    sulphuriumcontaining gas.

We carry out an experimental research on study of chronic influence of  sulphuriumcontaining gas on a  rat thyroid glands. The estimation of such influence is investigated with the help of morphometrical research of a  thyroid gland on the basis of techniques G.G. Avtandilov, V.L. Bykov and O.K. Khmelnitsky [ 1,2,3] . The rat thyroid glands , not undergone to influence of gas  ( control group) are investigated also.

With the help of morphometrical rules МОВ-15М have determined in a micron: D-  follicles diameter, hЕf - height of a thyroid epithelium. Planimetrical research was based on a determination in a % of the relative area of a vascular channel Vas, relative area  of a colloid C and relative area of stroma S and  E - relative area of  follicles epithelium.

The results are submitted in the table. In the histologic specimen of    thyroid glands of the animals which have undergone  to influence of gas, the variegation of a structure of a organ is revealed: presence of sites of normal frame and areas of a destruction of gland tissue.

At experimental animals the tendency to decrease of a follicles diameter is marked,    height of a thyroid epithelium decreases.

In the rat thyroid glands, undergone  to influence of sulphuriumcontaining gas,  reveals decrease of the relative area of   and areas of vessels, at the same  time significance grows the relative area of a colloid and srtoma, at the expense of an edema and thickening of  connective layers.

Table 1. The results are submitted:






М ± m

61,2 ± 1,3

58,9 ± 1,2


М ± m

8,0 ± 0,2

7,8 ± 0,3


М ± m

52,8 ± 0,6

49,0 ± 0,7*


М ± m

35,2 ±0,6

38,2 ± 0,5*


   М ± m

3,3 ± 0,39

2,7 ± 0,2*


М ± m

8,7 ± 0,5

10,1 ± 0,7*






Note: - statistically significant differences.

At experimental animals the destruction and   follicles collabiration  ,exit of colloid in interfollicular space are observed.

These morphological changes at the end can result in  infringement of function of  thyroid gland and formation of cysts of the given organ.


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    The article is admitted to the International Scientific Conference « Fundamental and Applied problems of Medicine and Biology», Tunisia (Suss) , 2007, June 10-17; came to the editorial office on 11.04.2007