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European Journal of Natural History
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Vlasenko A.V., Dolgikh V.V., Rychkova L.V., Goldberg A.Ye.
Normobaric hypoxitherapy, that is breathing with an oxygen mix with a reduced content of oxygen, concerns perspective preformed physical factors which are successfully used in treatment of children and teenagers with arterial hypertension. The data for arterial hypertension prevalence among non-adults vary rather widely and make from 4,8 to 14,3 %.

On the basis of RAMS SB Clinic normobaric hypoxitherapy correction was received by 89 arterial hypertension teenagers. According to the age composition the distribution was as follows: there were 61 (68,5 %) boys, 28 (31,5 %) girls; there were 40 (44,9 %) children aged from 12 to 15, and older than 15 - 49 (55,1 %) teenagers. The findings got were compared to the ones of the control group balanced quantitatively, by sex and age with the basic one. The research was carried out on a hypoxicator "Everest-1" (Russia), МПФК.941589.001-05ПС. The course of treatment consisted of 10 daily manipulations carried out in morning hours with obligatory observance of not less than 30 min interval after meal. Breathing with hypoxic mixture was carried out by a mix in an interval mode (3:1, 5:1). We had been modified the technique of carrying out normobaric hypoxitherapy depending on the age and seance number of the children and teenagers. In the course beginning the exposition did not exceed 10 min with gradual increase up to 40 min. Further séance lasting time was inappropriate as could cause unwished vegetative reactions. Arterial tension indices were chosen to be the efficiency criteria. The following results were obtained. In the group receiving normobaric hypoxitherapy the dynamics of arterial tension indices was as follows: at the age of 12-15 the average arterial tension level was 131,9/75,2 (higher 95percentile) before the treatment, a significant arterial tension decrease up to 117,5/72,2 (corresponds to 90percentile) was registered after the treatment; in teenagers older than 15 - 133/81,1 (higher 95percentile) before the treatment, 114,9/71,9 (lower 90percentile) - after the treatment. In the control group average arterial tension index changes turned out to be less significant: they corresponded to 95percentile in children aged 12-15, and 90percentile - in teenagers older 15. More over, disappearance of concomitant complaints - cephalalgia, dizziness, asthenic implications, instable moods - conditioned by vegetative disfunction, was marked in 83,2% of the cases in the children receiving normobaric hypoxitherapy. While in the control group subjective complaint regress was registered only in 43,1% of the cases.

Thus, including normobaric hypoxitherapy in rehabilitation complex for arterial hypertension non-adults authentically decreases arterial tension indices and promotes concomitant complaints regress, that improves life quality and social adaptation of teenagers with arterial hypertension and allows recommending the specified physical factor to application.

The article is admitted to the International Scientific Conference « Practicing physician "III Congress: Current problems of Sanatorium-and-spa treatment in solving "National Health" Program and providing year-round work of resort branch », Sochi, 2007 April 10-12; came to the editorial office on 13.03.07