Scientific journal
European Journal of Natural History
ISSN 2073-4972


Begova S.V., Osmanova Z.M.
The purpose of the research is to study the role of lipids in gestosis pathogenesis and immunity state at repeated deliveries. The problem is to define blood serum antioxidant system state (AOA) and lipid peroxidation (LPO) in 25 pluripara women (PW) with gestosis and 14 PW without complications, and to study the immune status in 50 PW. Malondialdehyde increase in blood serum of PW with gestosis (18,09 ±0,071 nmol/ml at gestosis and 10,48 + 0,54 nmol/ml in the control), hydroperoxidation inhibition degree lowering on the quick h rise (0,401+0,040  and 0,573+0,01) and oxidation enhancement of non-esterified aliphatic acids on the slow AOA h rise (0,368+0,012  and 0,476+0,029) have been detected.  The quantity reduction of T- (32,4+2,5% and 364+21,9 per mcl) and B- (13,9+1,5% and 192+8,4 per mcl) lymphocytes, moderate enhancement of their blast conversion and migration inhibition index increase (62,08+2,07% and 33,65+3,14), circulating immune complex level increase (light transmission percentage decrease up to 65,4+2,289%  in PW with gestosis) have been detected. So, the activation of LPO processes, blood AOA inhibition and evident immune depression can be evaluated as the components of gestosis pathogenesis in PW. Preventive treatment was carried out for 68 PW from the gestosis risk group in terms of 20-22 and 30-32 weeks during 10-14 days. Besides the general pathology treatment the action on the peripheral circulatory dynamics was provided; antioxidant therapy (Chophytol), metabolic disorders´ and immune shifts´ correction was carried out. The I degree gestosis frequency reduced 2,4 times as much, II degree - 1,4 times, III degree - 1,1 times. Thus, early being registered, gestosis risk groups forming, carrying out complex preventive therapy will allow decreasing gestosis frequency and severity in PW.
The article is admitted to the International Scientific Conference « Practicing physician "III Congress: Current problems of Sanatorium-and-spa treatment in solving "National Health" Program and providing year-round work of resort branch », Sochi, 2007 April 10-12; came to the editorial office on 15.03.07