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European Journal of Natural History
ISSN 2073-4972


Plotnikova L.V.

The ethylene production is the large consumer of the fuel and energy resources that is conditioned by the considerable fuel and energy consumptions at the multi - staged hydrocarbon raw materials processing. The system organization of the complex utilization of the repeated energy resources (RER) is the perspective direction of the fuel and energy cost cutting in the considered production.

The heat technological scheme of the ethylene production is included in itself several thousands elements of the polytypic equipment. To estimate the work efficiency of such complex system and to reveal the organization version of the RER utilization system are suggested on the basis of the system analysis, having included the structure analysis of the internal and external connections of the considered object, and also the thermal and thermodynamic efficiency analysis. Its calculated model has been obtained, as a result of the system analysis carrying out, in particular, in the issue of the dependences exposure between the scheme´s elements, the separation of the elements´ open - ended and closed sequences of the considered scheme. The thermodynamic efficiency analysis of the heat technological scheme has been conducted, that permitted to estimate the rate of the system thermodynamic perfection, to expose the losses from the irreversibility, to make the estimate of the elements efficiency in the system composition, to determine the technically well - behaved energy value, to estimate the energy conservation reserves.

The circuit solutions on the organization of the RER utilization system have been suggested, having provided the technological production and the energy resources working out in a view of the steam, hot water and cold of the required parameters on the basis of the steam - jet compressors and the absorptive refrigerating machines use.

The work is being conducted within the limits of the President´s grant of the RF МК-2759.2007.8

The work was submitted to international scientific conference «Engineering sciences and advanced manufacturing», Nov. 26 - Dec. 4, 2008, China (Beijing), came to the editorial office on 19.02.2009.