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Khodakova N.

The moving of modern informative, political and cultural transformations in Russia has entered into all spheres of human activity including kindergartens. At present new information technologies are used in both managing system and teacher´s work.

We have studied and analyzed the work of several Moscow and Moscow region early-education centers which shows that modern computers, multimedia projectors and interactive school boards are either installed or being installed there.

But the work is run by the teachers who have finished courses in the field of information technologies or those who have technical education but not masters in pre-school teaching methods.

We are sure that modern kindergarten requires a teacher who is quite at home at latest achievements in science and culture, informed in modern methods of teaching, familiar with technical equipment and special early educational software.

The teacher must be a master of nowadays information and multimedia technologies as well as pedagogic, psychology and early education teaching methods.

For a period of several years we studied and compared informational environment of the high school and kindergarten, analyzed approaches to the problem of projecting students´ professional competence and realizing it in their future professional activity.

We believe that professional preparation must involve comprehensive subjects connected with information technologies, optional courses, special courses and practice. Therefore in Moscow State Humanitarian University named after M.A.Sholokhov

is established a new speciality "Information Technologies in Early Education" in bounds of which the work with early education teachers is held.

We have worked out the new specialty curricular which includes

  • modern information technologies
  • theory and methods of using information technologies in kindergartens
  • computerized testing in pre-school preparation
  • information technologies in school managing
  • information technologies for early-age children development
  • children educating programs and games

This curricular is fulfilled by teachers of Informatics and Mathematics chair and Theory and Methodology of Early Education chair of Moscow State Humanitarian University named after M.A.Sholokhov

On the basis of State Educational Standard for Higher Education, Moscow State Humanitarian University named after M.A.Sholokhov curricula for the following specialties: "Pedagogic", "Pre-schooling Pedagogic and Psychology", "Pedagogic and Methodology of Pre-schooling education", "Special Pre-schooling Pedagogic and Psychology" and " Program of pre-schooling education in kindergarten" , we worked out the innovative program on formation of information competence of teachers which satisfies a person´s demands to enrich knowledge in the field of information technologies and improve professional preparation of future pre-schooling teachers.

The program consists of introductory and three sections. The aim and tasks of the course are displayed in the introductory. The first section includes the list of technical, program and methodical equipment. It describes the studying process organization, kinds of class activities and requirements to the final testing of students. The second section, which is Theme Planning and Program Content, includes the list of themes to teach and detailed content on each of the themes.

Theme Planning is composed of three parts. The first one is "Computer skills". The third part is "Professional competence of pre-schooling teacher" is devoted to the questions of using computer tests to establish the level of a child´s readiness to school studies, psychological and pedagogical bases of computer technologies and computer technologies for school managing.

Also children educational software and computer games are displayed here.

The result must be shown in the final research and annual conference where the listeners share the material they have devised and the experience they´ve got during the work at kindergartens.

Evidently the work to be carrying out favors the higher school professional preparation and rising of the level of pre-school teacher professional skills.

The work is submitted to the II Scientific International Conference « Higher vocational education. Modern aspects of international cooperation», Israel, May 1-7, 2009, came to the editorial office on 30.03.2009.