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Gubaidulina R.H., Logvinova N.A., Chahlov M.G.
One of the most important issues of the educational process is independent students´ work. In the sphere of high school pedagogy the following law says: students´ knowledge is the result of their own cognitive activity. That is why the main task for high school activity is to teach students to get knowledge.

The effective independent students´ work depends on the way of its organization, necessary methodical material, and tutors´ control which is important for first-year and second-year students because of the low knowledge level in science subjects and inability to work on their own. Our activity of teaching freshmen to work independently is the determining factor in their personality formation, their future ability understand scientific and technical texts, to solve scientific and engineering problems of different levels.

The tutors of mechanics and engineering department use different methods in organization independent students´ work, for example: fulfillment of individual and calculation tasks, tests given in the beginning, throughout and in the end of the academic year, computer tests, paper works, writing summaries on the basis of theoretical material, making researches and so on. The fund of testing materials is created for working though practical skills.

The question of students´ independent work (SIW) control is also relevant. The SIW control should be regular, objective from the point of view of quality and "quantity" of the learnt material. Some types of control can considered to be rather effective.

The SIW will be effective in case if it is intended to get a particular aim and to be self-controlled. The method of students´ knowledge self-control is used by us. For this purpose we use testing programme "Symbol" which was worked out in Tomsk Radio Electronics University. The "Symbol" allows to put into practice efficient knowledge control and self-control, gives the opportunity to get quality and quantity of learning. It is important to point out that this method can be used even among students not making satisfactory progress. The self-education process catches the attention of "indifferent" students. It is possible to use individual and group knowledge level tests of the current course because of the "simple" organization system. The use of instant self-control system allows to solve many problems in educational process: for example, overcoming of psychological barium in learning, rise of self-esteem, development of students´ independence, that means: a student develops his skills himself, studies the necessary material, controls, values , checks  and corrects his cognitive activity. This method corresponds to the modern concept of education.


The article is admitted to the International Scientific Conference " Problems of national educational standards´ international integration "; France, Great Britain, 2007, April 20-27;. came to the editorial office on 19.02.07