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1 Karaganda State Medical University
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At present the priority of the state policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan is the preparing of competitive and competent professionals in accordance with the best international practices for the ensuring of the nation health. Realization of tasks promotes the teaching of students using the credit system, which provides independent work of students under the guidance of a teacher.

The system of modern higher education understanding of the challenges students to prepare is to prepare a competitive personality, demand on the labor market, to develop the students’ need for self-development and continuing education.

Most of the students think that the only possible form of supply of knowledge is to read the teacher lectures, conducting seminars and workshops, where the teacher presents knowledge in the final and they understand the form, answers to questions. At the seminars and workshops they still play served as a finished product material actually repeating them for the teacher. However, experience has shown that such a reproduction of knowledge without actually developing the creative potential of the research students. Students absent own, personal attitude to these knowledge, there is no possibility to offer their vision and explanation of the problem, in particular those areas of science where there is no ready answer, and we do not know that to date, studied, published, what are the prospects for the development of this direction in science . After all, today’s students need to solve the problems of the future of science practice.

Therefore, the search for new forms, methods and innovative technologies in the system of continuous education for an independent state became a priority aimed ultimately to prepare the best specialist. This involves the search for effective methods of mastering the students’ knowledge, the development of creative abilities of students, when the opinion of each of them is taken into account, they hear them lead the discussion, and actively participate in the discussion of problems of both sides of the educational process.

With proper organization of the educational process, clearly defined goals and objectives of education, creativity of the teacher in choosing the form of teaching methods with the use of modern educational technologies – is possible to achieve the best results in the preparation of future professionals in the walls of the modern university.

The introduction of credit system of education in the universities of Kazakhstan is impossible without modern global trends in education, without study and generalization of foreign credit systems.

One of the forms of modern studies on the basis of the credit system of education is the independent work of students under the guidance of a teacher (SUGT) [1, 2] .In the Karaganda State Medical University, at the Department of Molecular Biology and Medical Genetics, realized this form of education for students majoring in “total medicine”.

The essence of this work is a joint activity of the student and the teacher when the teacher manages the cognitive activity of students.

SUGT one type of extracurricular work. Amount of educational material on the SUGT is given taking into account the time spent on the study of the topic and logically associated with other types of training.

One form of SUGT held at the Department, is that the students, according to the schedule classes, in the previous lesson, the teacher get a job. The task is to find scientific articles on the subject classes, published in scientific journals over the last 2–3 years, in the library or Internet resources. The student then analyzes the content of scientific publications on the subject classes.

SUGT task may include writing annotations to the published article, or as a more sophisticated level tasks-performed in subgroups, writing reviews for scientific publication. After the assignment, the students individually written conclusions on this lesson on sheets of analysis, the shape of which is specifically designed for the Department for SUGT.

Experience has shown that the most effective management of cognitive activity of students is carried out by direct contact of the student and the teacher when the teacher guides and corrects the individual work of students performing feedback to the student when the SUGT.

Understanding the importance of the role of independent work of students under the guidance of a teacher, means that one of the leading medical universities of Kazakhstan has carried out a major overhaul of the educational process, directed from the stream to the individualized, which is constructed so as to creatively develop and build capacity for personal self-development, creative application of acquired knowledge and skills, so that our graduates can easily adapt to the profession today.

Thus, the SUGT under the credit system of education is part of an innovative approach to education and shows its effectiveness as a form of modern, progressive education.