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The expression “level of culture is reflected primarily in the legal status of women” becomes clearer if we look at the fate of the weak half of Petroleum victims and hunger, cold and the oil industry. Involvement of women in the oil industry was due to the discovery in 1930 of various technical courses and educational institutions.

Mass involvement of women in oil production was due to the Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945.

Article, which was published July 12, 1941 in Room 163 of the regional newspaper Guryev region “socialist construction” says: Bringing feminine power into production.

Currently, the entire Soviet people all his will and strength to making to defeat the enemy in World War II. Every honest citizen of his devotion to the Soviets of the Communist Party, the Soviet government, the people of the great leader Comrade Stalin proved his selfless work. Assists the Red Army and Navy to deal a fatal blow to the enemy. All Soviet boys and girls as one went to the front. Equal Soviet Red Army women help to strengthen the rear make the patriotic cause.

A lot of women are working in good faith by sending their husbands, brothers, fathers and children to the front. In one of the rooms of the newspaper “Pravda” of June 25 is the letter of working women to their husbands, brothers, fathers, drafted into the Red Army, which says: “Our Mother, favorite! At the call of the government you go to war with the enemy. Are you coming to the front, we remain in the rear. But for us there is no difference between the front and rear. We in the production of all its forces surrender to provide you with everything you need”. That voice of a real Soviet woman – patriot.

Women actively working for the good of the homeland, and in many oilfield Emba. In the oil mill Emba district work in 1116 women. Many of them show good examples of labor productivity. Names Stakhanovite Golovanova, turner oil irrigation office, awarded the badge “Excellence in oil production in the USSR”, Nazarova, electrician geological – search firm, awarded testimonial People’s Commissariat of the oil industry of the USSR, Zhubaniyazovoy, operator – Stakhanovite Makat fishing Baytuakovoy, Stakhanovite Dossor fishery, known to all workers of the area. They perform with dignity all their assigned responsibilities.

In Emba growing ranks of women – specialists who have mastered the new technique. You can see dozens of women who successfully master the technique. 18 women who completed the course received a driver’s license. Among them Kolpakov, Lenshin, Romanova, Ermekpaeva perfectly finish the courses. Currently, they may drive and service it.

Personnel department oil combine Kazakhstan in the near future plans to train 500 professionals through various courses. In all of these courses prepare womens. Inter they have operators, tractor drivers, electricians and other construction workers.

Party, government, trade union and Komsomol organizations should assist in the implementation of measures for the development of the oil industry.

So far, the involvement of women in production work in the oil industry is not at the proper level. In the production of professional women was not enough. In the largest fisheries plant – Dossor – 71, Bayshonase- 78, Makat – 73 women – experts. Many of them work not in the production of, and in bureau. V one of the largest crafts plant – Gurievsk technical plant quite a few women.

Until recently, some party, trade union organizations and farm managers are not paying enough attention to the involvement of women in production.

Now it is time to involve more women in productive work force. If employees will be called to the front, they must take the place of women. Every woman, girl, takes the place of his father, brother, husband, should provide the Red Army with everything you need. Workers in the oil field, trained in driving tractors, machinery, repair drill wells instead of getting men and develops oil needed the Red Army. Each oil field industry and its work should lead respectively goals and objectives of the new conditions.

Women do not know who gave the absence of men who had gone to the front, rear become real soldiers in those years.

We need men with a strong will

Great for business – the poet – wars Mahambet Utemisov about people without whose efforts to win the war would have been impossible.

Emba oil came from many prominent leaders, past fire and water. They were proud of Emba oil.

Balganym Nurtaskyzy Dosbaeva then was a senior operator of the oil-producing area. The fate of early custodial parent Balganym was difficult. With 12 years was a servant in different people, and where seen how cruel life. But loving life and clean, she had been in this condition for a long time. Strive for equality bestowed by the Soviet government. In 1930, out of the wilderness came to work in the workplace. First worked in Dossor, then – in Eskene operator, where it was seen to be active in the development of observation and oil equipment.

“After coming into production, – she writes – quickly realized the essence of their work. Joined Stakhanovists. Since doing the norm over the plan”.

This is not limited. I was in school educational program, improved knowledge. Noticing this, the management of production sends it to a two-month training course at the Masters Guriev (Atyrau) Oil College. When the Great Patriotic War, she worked in the fishery Bayshonas. In difficult times of shortage of power, production managers, without hesitation, raised B. Dosbaevu to place a supervisor.

Now she began to work with even greater impact forces. Region Party Committee about her work, wrote in the Communist Party of Kazakhstan: “The senior operator communist comrade Dosbaeva caring for the wells carefully, the site keeps clean, without stopping productivity has been reduced to zero. In good faith to work; Wizard performs all tasks in a timely manner and without question”. On its proposal in the fishery was established Bayshonas female portion. His head was appointed operator Stakhanovite Balganym Dosbaeva. Thus, it has evolved from the former commander of workers in manufacturing. As a Communist, she had to do a lot of community work. If at first served as Secretary of the Party organization, was soon elected as a member of the party bureau fishing Party Committee. Activist public, industrial work, mentor youth B.Dosbaeva later than 3 times, was elected deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

During the war, the name of a petroleum-girl N. Shagyrovoy (1922-1974) was an example for many. In those days, among the oil was an unwritten rule – put in running condition all wells, and other settings. If there were errors – you need to be quickly repaired; if you do not have time to tinker in his shift, then reconstituted with changer.

Operator Bayshonasa typing Shagyrova got the night shift in this situation. (of course, it was not first) cut short the tape well № 388, and she stopped. Become clogged. The operator communicates with the master and taken to repair. Making sure that you are ready to work, receives approval from the master. At 12 am well again gives the product.

This meant that Shagyrova held as oil and reached the level of an experienced specialist. A few years ago, coming to production, it was modest, thin girl. Dropped out of school, decided to go to production, because there was no one to provide sick mother and the old father. Head was horrified by her appearance, but she did not go and apply for a job. Only met by chance at the time familiar people were able to explain its position is superior and, thus, to persuade her to take on the job.

The girl worked tirelessly. And quickly mastered the technique. First, it was accepted as a trainee minder. Soon was an assistant cameraman. When all the forces were thrown on the increase in oil production for the front, picking up not left out. On the contrary, was in the forefront. Looking for ways to increase the product.

One of the founders in the fishery Bayshonas female section was typing. A lot, in spite of their affiliation, no lagged behind men. Because his boss was in no way inferior to men Balganym Dosbaeva and worked such dedicated people work like typing Shagyrova. Her work was appreciated. Was awarded the medal “For valiant work”. Later became the heroes of labor.

At the edge of the Emba, including oil, a man to be awarded such a high rank, began gaining Shagyrova.

Together with Kazakh girl oilmen worked shoulder to shoulder representatives of other nationalities who came by the will of fate in the Kazakh land. These were people like: T.A.Han, A.D. Kvashenkina.

Same Tatyana Andreevny Han way of life example of generations.

Born December 21, 1924 in Vladivostok, in the Far East of Russia. In 1942 he graduated from Guryev (Atyrau) College with a degree in petroleum exploitation of oil and gas wells, and goes fishing in Makati. Then the military action were the fiercest. 17-year-old girl is arranged by the operator in the plot № 7, which is considered the heart of the fishery. January. Severe frost. This time it was easy? Tanya was also one of them. She, too, like everyone else, immediately began to work. For her, it became commonplace to stand for 12 hours on duty, to observe the work well, if necessary, repair the hole. Useful knowledge gained in college. But Tatiana Andreevna worked as an operator only 3 months. Watching her work, foreman Abish Sulejmenov assigns it to a skilled worker section № 7. did not say that a little experience, and Tanya took the case. Organized by the youth of his shift, to ensure proper operation of wells. Six months later, her own appointed master of the site. This is a reason.

In the area № 7 though it was a lot of oil, but the work did not go. Lagged behind the others too it. Tanya began to work through their strength. For days on horseback went round hole. If honor, that the oil is extracted in swamp land, all this girl not only see, but also went through all the difficulties.

As a result of hard work site № 7 Tanya Khan broke 1-Place the shop, leaving the title lagging. Then attached great importance to Intl Politic kommunist, among precinct competition. They added their authority. Argue with a plot two-time winner of the Order of Lenin Abdesha Bayarystanova in Bayshonase, she was again the winner. That was in 1943. For this decision of the People’s Commissariat of oil industry for the first time Tatiana Andreevna was given the title of Creation of the girls and women teams oil production was initiated triple deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Balganym Dosbaevoy. In fisheries Makat it supported Tatyana Andreevna Khan. About her such noble deeds was written in district, regional, national newspapers; in the magazine “Zhuldyz”, “Space” were published essays. She was awarded the Lenin Komsomol Prize.

Tatiana Andreevna Khan worked as a foreman in Makat oil until July 26, 1945. So, during the war to produce oil for the Great Victory; as said Bauyrzhan Momyshuly “stood stone in the throat of the enemy”. While Tatiana Andreevna was one of the first professional women oil technicians. And went down in history. Her career after the war continued in the second methodological workshop Makati. This method is also used for the first time in the history of the Emba. His trust only experienced people. Tatiana Andreevna here and showed their skills. First-class master of oil.

In the production was not an emergency, on the contrary, increased the volume of the water tower, and were achieved more success. Later she became a research engineer, safety specialist. In 1950, given its long-standing practice, the order of the association “Kazakhstan oil” she was sent to the deputy director of educational industrial plant. Then the director of the plant was a scientist and engineer Viktor Berezutski.

T.A. Han was awarded the Order “Red Banner of Labor”, various medals. Letters of appreciation received from the People’s Commissariat of oil, the Supreme Council of the Republic, the oil unions departments simply do not count.

Kvashenkina Augustine Davydovna – geological technician. Graduate college Gurievsky oil. (1941). Honored Oilman of the Kazakh SSR. He started his career as a geologist in the oil field Kulsary. In the years 1944–1947 was a geologist in the oil field Komsomol, chief geologist, pump house foreman, engineer in Dossor.

During the war and after it was revealed the talent of one of the graduates of the college Gurievsky oil – B. Zhumagalieva.

Zhumagalieva Balzhan (1917–2004) was born in 1917 in the city of Atyrau (ex Guryev). Since 1944, a member of the Communist Party. Education – secondary. In 1936 she graduated from Guryevsky Oil College with a degree in geological technician. He started his career in 1936 collector technician – geologist in the oil field Eskene. In the years 1939–1962 – geologist, Master, Head of Department, Deputy Director in the fields Sagyz, Dossor, Makat; was the director of fisheries Dossor. In 1968, the oilfield Kenkiyak was a senior geologist guide in the Atyrau Regional Council of Trade Unions. She was awarded the Order of “Honor”, several medals, diplomas of the Supreme Council of the Kazakh SSR.

Among intensively fished “black gold” and took part in the competition of professional women were J. Segizalieva, L.G. Sofenreyter, V.A. Shilina.

Segizalieva Jibek (1925–2005) – oilman. Veteran Emba, graduated from trade schools № 16 in Dossor. He started his career in 1943 as an assistant cameraman in the oil field Dossor. ‘33 Worked in this field by the operator of oil production. She was awarded the Order of Lenin, Red Banner of Labor, the medal “For brave labor” (1999), diplomas. Elected deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Kaz (5 times), was a member of the Central Committee of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan (1953–1957).

Sofenreyter Lydia G. (1915-1987) – geological technician. She graduated from the College Guryevsky oil. In 1935 he was a geological technician, senior laboratory assistant in the office of geological exploration association “Emba oil”. In 1939 – the Chief of the Central Research Laboratory of Plant “Kazakhstan oil”. In 1941 – the senior collector in geological exploration party Inder.

In 1943 – Accounting Technician interpreter, a senior interpreter, theme party chief in council “Kazahstan oil geophysics” engineer seismic interpreter Party № 9, senior geologist Council. In 1960, senior geologist, senior geophysicist at the Geophysical Expedition Ile Kazakh geophysical trust.

Shilin Valentina was born February 20, 1926 in Atyrau (ex Guryev). In 1948 she graduated from the Polytechnic Guryevsky. After – came in 1948 in the Moscow Institute of Oil Gubkin, and in 1952, graduating, got geophysicist in the seismic party control “Kazahstaneftegazrazvedka”. Then – senior engineer, head of the party. Until retirement worked in this area. For the brave work was awarded two medals, the title of “Winner of socialist competition” and several letters. Working, engaged in social and political activities, led the women’s committee of management, was elected to the city council, the Supreme Council of the Kazakh SSR 6th convocation in 1963.

Each heart was catchwords National Hero of Kazakhstan Bauyrzhan Momyshuly:

Than to say that I did,

It is necessary to say a thousand.

Than to say that thousands,

Simple: the handiwork of the hero.

A hero – he was not alone,

He is one with the people after all.

Who would have created everything,

If I’m not out of a thousand,

And the hero is not popular?

Indeed, in the Great Victory has a lot all over the country, all our people. When the war killed thousands of compatriots who remained in the rear impressed by his actions, such heroism. If you submit a belligerent soldier flag of the country, the employee was the rear base of the flag.

The work is submitted to the International Scientific Conference “Engineering science and modern production”. Spain (Canary Islands, Tenerife), March 8–15, 2015, came to the editorial office оn 18.03.2015.