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European Journal of Natural History
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Khasbulatova Z.S. 1
1 Chechen State Pedagogical Institute

The article goes about the necessity of the researching chemical constitution of the medical plants in the Chechen Republic and about the elaboration of the recommendation on their usage as medical products for human and animals.

For a long time medical drugs and folk-medicine had been the only way of treatment for many kinds of diseases and illnesses; the experience of the Chechen ancestors should not be forgotten as it is a part of our multinational culture.

The people’s experience that was handed down from generation to generation can be extremely useful for hundreds thousands of modern ill people worldwide.

Medical plants and advice of well-known sorcerers, healers and herbalists were used by decades of the previous generation; it is the wisdom of our ancestors that we should use.

Nowadays medicine made of natural products alongside with synthetic ones play still an important role. The task of the modern pharmacology is to find active compounds of the botanical and animal extracts and molecular target they influence.

Natural medical products influence the organism of the human with the help of the function unity of living systems. The organism of medical plants that does not have nervous system is full of low-molecular adjusters – hormones.

During the last decades modern post-genomic technologies provided a powerful impulse for elaborating new kinds of medicines and modifying the existing ones.

More than 4000 species of plants grow in the Northern Caucasus. More than 200 of them are used in the modern medicine; more than 1000 are used in the folk-medicine. About 3000 wild plants that grow in the Northern Caucasus have not been studied yet. Their chemical constitution is not known and there pharmacology and biology features are not well-learnt. Because of it the group of natural medicine products cannot be made bigger by new products and nutritional supplements for living organisms (men and animals).

The research includes the information about 396 vascular plants that grow on the territory on the Chechen Republic.

Scientific literature does not provide us with the information about the chemical constitution of the biologically active substance of the medical plants that were studied by the authors. Pharmacologically active substance of the medical plants of the Chechen Republic are to be determined (they are glycosides, aethereal oils, alcaloids, flavonoids, tanning agents, alcaloids, phytoncides, saponins, etc.).

Everything that was said proves that chemical constitution of the useful agents of the Chechen medicine plants should be thoroughly studied and the recommendations on the usage of the medicines for living organisms should be established.


The work is submitted to the International Scientific Conference “Fundamental and applied problems in medicine and biology”, UAE (Dubai), October, 16–23, 2014, came to the editorial office оn 14.08.2014.