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Babich A., Boev E. and Pogozheva O.
The life and the vital activity medium are quite able to be transformed the personality feelings and the emotional experience that do not give rise to doubt. However, the personality and the psychological feelings and the emotional experience degree of the manifestation, behavioral stereotype are specifically being depended on the teenager personality psycho-type structure and on the test human subject disposition in the continual - constitutionally space. So, it is quite necessary methodologically in the correct way to be formed the psychological - experimentally researches, which would be confirmed or be disproved the personality changeability dynamics, depending on the various life and the vital activity medium at the modern psycho - mathematical demonstrative and the conclusive level.

The sampling researches of the 224 teenagers in the Stavropol and the Nevinnomyssk towns have been carried out by us. So, 76 test human subjects had been in the investigative isolation ward from them (e.g. the pre - trial prison of the closed type - the 1 - st group, the town of Stavropol), at whom the pathological deviant behavior preliminary formation by the criminal variant and the 78 teenagers - the test human subjects, having lived in the ecologically unfavorable region (e.g. the town of Nevinnomyssk - the 2 - nd group), were objectified. The First group psychological and the personality feelings and the emotional experience had been defined mainly by the socio - psychological and the constitutional factors interaction and the interdependency, which were resulted in the pathological deviant behavior criminal stereotype. The Second group analogous personality feelings and the emotional experience, except the registered factors, have been defining and what is more by the long - term exposure upon the human organism of the organic and inorganic origin chemical - ecologically factors, having influenced upon the brain neuro-metabolism. Then, the Third group had been singled out, the teenagers (e.g. the 70 test human subjects), having taken from the life and the vital activity social environment of the Stavropol and the Nevinnomyssk towns, at whom the psychological, the psychical and the personality anomalies were not observed, that was permitted to be related them to the psychological accentuation - standard range in the continual - constitutionally space. Thus, all the test human subjects have been divided into the 4 main basic psycho-types. Now, we have presented the teenagers comparative psychological - experimentally results with the personality psycho - type schizoid structure, correspondingly the 19 test human subjects - the 1-st group, the 22 - the 2-nd group, and the 18 test human subjects - the 3-rd group in the present paper.

The research methods are the following: the personality ones (e.g. the patho-characterological diagnostic inventory - PDI, the Aizenka and Taylor methods, the neurotization and the psychopathization level) and the clinical inventory (e.g. the test human subject neuroticism grades), the multi-vector psychological analysis with the Х - square criterion use, having proceeded from the null hypothesis, that there is not any difference between the comparable groups and the discriminant analysis, as the non - parametric mathematical statistics method.

So, in the emancipation scales indices teenagers first group - E, the delinquency - d, the psychological propensity for the alcoholization - V, the masculinization - the M scale are considerably being exceeded the average analogous indices (e.g. р<0,01) of the second group teenagers. So, it should to be mentioned the psychopathization scale increase - P against the masculinization intensity (e.g. р<0,01) background. The feminization scales - F, the vegetative instability - VI, the situational and the necrotic anxiety - SA, NA, ecara-, the intra-version - E - I have reliably been appeared to be the less expressed ones (e.g. р<0,01).

The research results visualization analysis has been shown on the sufficiently specific «alloy» of the characterological - personally and the psychological indices, which are peculiar to the teenagers with the behavior pathological criminal stereo-type, when against the background of the constitutionally - conditioned psycho-typological predisposition and the defined psychoneiroendocrine predisposition (e.g. the M scale), in combination with the stressful social life and vital activity environment, the pathological deviant behavior formation is being taken its place. So, it is necessary to be emphasized, that the F scale decrease (e.g. р<0,01) is reliably being resulted in the anxiety lowering, as the situational, well as the constitutional one, together with the vegetative instability (e.g. р<0,001), «having opened the way» for the incremental psychopathization, which is closely «soldered» with the emancipation, the delinquency, and also the alcoholization. The psychoneiendocrine predisposition intensity (e.g. the M scale) is being corresponded probably with the male sex hormones increase, which are higher the average norm, having promoted the psychopathization manifestations incrementation (e.g. the P scale), that in combination with the personality psycho-type structure, in our point of view, is being stabilized the behavior criminal stereo-type in the encouraging social environment with the consciousness low legal level. Consequently, the teenagers with the constitutionally - conditioned psycho-typological predisposition, having interacted with the unfavorable legal - socially life and the vital activity medium, are being revealed the marked tendency to the negative personality drift to the range side of the abnormal personality changeability in the continual - constitutionally space, that is being revealed by the constitutional protection mechanisms frustration, having expressed in the deviant behavior formation, in particular of the pathological criminal stereo-type.

Thus, in the Second group, the human environment of which had been notable for the steady chemical - ecologically factors presence, were expressed by the scales indices average values of the extra-version - the intra-version - E - I, the neurotic anxiety - NA, the psychopathization - P, the vegetative instability - the VI scale, the behavior hysterical stereo-type - H and the feminization - the F scale. So, the neurotization scale indices - N have been reliably less expressed. The male sex hormones level lowering is being connected with the F scale index following increase that is the psychoneiroendocrine predisposition, which is lower the average norm that, may be, it is being closely connected with the chemical - ecologically factors of the influence upon the human organism. So, it is quite possible to be explained the Second group teenagers´ androgens lowering only by the above - indicated pathogenetic interconnection, as, on the whole, the social life and the vital activity medium is quite analogous to the First group teenagers. The androgens level lowering at the teenagers with the schizoid psycho-type is being resulted in the manifested neurotic feelings and the emotional experience and also in the moderate psychopathic conducts with the reaction hysterical forms predominance, the vegetative instability and the extroversion, that it should be considered prognostically quite unfavorable. When at the teenagers with the psycho-type schizoid structure, the hysterical behavioral reaction forms are being appeared, not having corresponded with the initial basic psycho-type, then this fact is being reflected the tendency to the negative behavioral drift.

The psychopathization indices incrementation in the unfavorable chemical - ecologically life and the vital activity medium at the teenagers is being taken its place, at the expense, most probably, of the brain neurometabolism abnormal change, having emphasized the moderately manifested processes of the brain´s organic changes, that is, the organic predisposition aggravation of the central nervous system (CNS). So, the present discussions and the reasoning are being confirmed, increasingly, by the constitutional anxiety (e.g. the CA scale) strengthening, in combination with the steady vegetative instability (e.g. the V.I. scale).

«The closed disk» is being formed, when the prolonged unfavorable chemical - ecologically influences upon the human organism, on the one hand, are being resulted in the androgens decrease with the incremental neurotization, on the other hand, they are being promoted the anxiety status comorbidus psychopathization and the behavior hysterical stereo-type manifestations.

Thus, not only the psycho-typological predisposition, but and the predispositions are being revealed at the teenagers, having lived in the social life and the vital activity medium with the unfavorable chemical - ecologically factors predominance, which, on the whole, are being resulted in the negative personality drift from the psychological accentuation - norm range into the borderline abnormal personality (BAP) range.

The Third group teenagers, initially having placed in the psychological accentuation - norm range, are being interacted with the analogous unfavorable factors of the social life and the vital activity medium, but, for all this, we do not practically reveal the tendencies to the abnormal personality and the psychological changeability.

So, the last aspect is practically being proved the psycho-typological predisposition constitutional determination, when the personality protection constitutional mechanisms frustration is being appeared at the teenagers defined and the specified group under the social stressors influence, having emphasized the tolerance not high level to the external stressors, that, in their turn, is being opened the way to the more latent constitutional predispositions actualization, in particular, to the psychoneiroendocrine and the organic ones.

The congenital psycho-typological predisposition absence (e.g. the norm range group) is not being resulted in the negative psycho-typological drift even under the interaction conditions with the significant social stressors, having confirmed the stability, the constitutional mechanisms high - level tolerance of the person´s psychological and the personality protection, with respect to the life and the vital activity medium external factors.

The mathematical - psychologically discriminant analysis has been permitted to be defined the psychological markers mutual combination, having taken part in the First and the Second groups differential diagnostics. Such types of the markers with their specific percentage contribution (e.g. not less, than 5%) into the discrimination have been appeared to be the following: the neurotization scales - 19%, the situational anxiety - 16%, the В index (e.g. minimum brain dysfunction) - Н%, the emancipation - 11,5%, the psychological propensity for the delinquency - 7%, the feminization - 10%, the asthenization - 10%. Thus, it is quite possible to be delimited the both comparable groups representatives, having directed towards the above - listed psychological markers.

The mathematical - psychological differentiation model has been built, in the form of the linear discriminant function, having permitted, at the high reliable level, to be attributed to the specific teenager research results to the one from the comparable groups:

Y - 3,1735X1 -2,2002X2 -0,8976X3 -0,3978X4 1,0404X5 -0,4811X6 0,0584X7 - 0,0039X8 -0,7927X9 -0,3599X10 -0,2326X11 -1,9659X12 0,2742X13 0,0719X14 - 0,1747X150,6145X16-0,0372X17,

where X - the specific psychological index value.

The У specific value will be more, than the Я discriminant index, if after the X substitution, then the examined teenager results would to be attributed to the special group with the pathological criminal behavior. If the У value is quite less, than the Я discriminant index, then it would be attributed to the teenager group, on whom the chemical - ecologically factors are exerting the primary destructive influence. The mistakes probable percentage of the differential diagnostics is being corresponded to the zero.

So, the all received data have been confirmed by the Mahalanobis square value, which is equal to the 28 standard units, that is, if to be projected the average values of the psychological centers indices of the comparable groups into the three - dimensional space, then, the more the distance between them, the more differentiation reliability degree of the all received results with the differentiation mistakes minimization.

The teenagers research already received psychological - experimentally results analysis with the personal psycho-type schizoid structure, having mutually interacted with the different life and the various vital activity mediums, will be given the basis to be confirmed the following. The teenagers, having initially placed in the continual - constitutionally psychological accentuation - standard range, are being differed from the others by the personal compensation, and by the behavioral adaptation, and by the psycho-typological personal structure stability mechanisms stability that is being provided the considerable tolerance to the destructive information effects and the impacts at the interaction with the unfavorable factors of the life and the vital activity medium. The teenagers, having placed in the BAP range with the congenital psycho-typological predisposition symptoms to the delinquent behavior stereo-type are being characterized by the abnormal personality changeability formation under the destructive information medium influence not only in the BAP range, but and by the negative personal drift to the psychopathy range side (e.g. the personality disorders), in the form of the delinquent - criminal behavior stereo-type continuum. The similar drift is being reflected the not high psychological and the personal tolerance to the social factors of the life and the vital activity medium, the protection constitutional mechanisms instability, that is being resulted, as the final result, in the psycho-typological interconnections weakening in the personal stereo-type structure with the following abnormal or the pathological changeability formation of the psychological and the psychical, and the mental health by the «pathology - standard» vector.

The teenagers, having had not only the congenital constitutional psycho-typological predisposition, but and the psychoneiroendocrine one, having combined with the CNS organic predisposition, and having worsened by the interaction with the destructive ecological factors of the life and the vital activity medium, are being characterized by the negative drift from the psychological accentuation - standard range into the continual - constitutionally range of the borderline abnormal personality. The borderline psychical disfunctions and the mental disorders formation risk is being increased by the «disease - health» vector, against the background of the psychological and the personality tolerance reduction to the external factors, the protection constitutional mechanisms weakening.

The paper has been presented for the "Fundamental and Applied Researches. The Education, Economy and Law" International Scientific Conference, Italy (Rome, Florence), September 6-13, 2009. Recieved by the editorship on 29.07.2009.