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European Journal of Natural History
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Sabekiya R.
The human activity on the world´s comprehension and its creation (e.g. and, consequently, he himself making, unfolding just from the idea into the reality) is being qualified, as the reasonable one, under the condition, if it has been conformed to the universe objective reality reasonableness. So, the man is being realized himself, he is aсtualizing his own essence and his existence significance and only in such spiritual - intellectually and the object - perceptionally practice. Exactly the intellect, having come out by the human existence and his relations regulation and the normalization necessary method with the human environment, will have to be the human and the Universe co - evolution motive power, the bio- and the noosphere relations harmonization factor, in order to be justified the noosphere and the man himself essence and the destination.

The presentation on the connections´ and the relations´ multitude, having fastened the various objective reality manifestations, the forms and the levels in the living - dialectically unity, in the folded way, is being rooted in the mankind´s collective unconscious, as the archetype of the some primordial integrity and the perfection - the genuine actualization ideal. Therefore, the human ecological consciousness formation will have to become the most significant constituent part of the educational process in the modern school. This task realization is quite practicable, in particular, during the protective - ecologically activity, in respect of the nature, as the living creature, having needed in the care and the love.

The ecological consciousness is being acted, as the human world and the Universe integrity and the interdependency reflection and, correspondingly, the personal responsibility feeling for the objective reality, its preservation, and the actualization. «Having answered» by his real actions for the nature necessities in the specific nature conservation arrangements practice, the man is realizing such hypostases of his human - abstractly essence, as the reasonableness, the activity, the creativity, having harmonically combined them with such ones, as the mercifulness, the care, and the love. The man is turning into the integrity and the meaning actualization subject, as the universal, well as the personal objective reality, having objectified the love spiral unfolding process from himself to the Another and, further, to the Nature, the Outer Space, to the every life manifestations in the free creative activity.

The ecological consciousness essence is being expressed in the statement of that fact, that the equilibration in the «Man - World» binding is being needed the mankind´s amorous volitional participation in the objective reality integrity formation, and exactly to the man, as the Universe fractal part, it is incumbent on him to be taken the responsibility for himself for the outer space world order formation from the natural chaos, the natural, the universal and the human objective reality co - evolution, for the integrated personality and the outer space existence senses actualization.

The paper has been presented for the «The Integrated Educational Institutions Models Introduction, Having Realized the Education Different Levels Educational Programs» Scientific International Conference, Singapore, December 10-17, 2009. Recieved by the editorship on 20.11.2009.