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European Journal of Natural History
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Samotrueva M., Tyurenkov I., Teply D., Serezhnikova T., Kuleshevskaya N. and Bakhtiyarova S.
Taking into consideration an important role of immune disorders in genesis of different pathological processes from the side of central immune system, pharmacological research of psychotropic medication, showing immune modulating properties becomes up to date. Citrocard prepared on the basis of phenibut, is of interest as a psychoimmunomodifier.

Objective of the work is experimental learning of Citrocard influence on neutrophil phagocytosis activity of peripheral blood.

The experiment is conducted in 40 mice with SVA line of both genders 3-4 months old. The neutrophil phagocytosis activity was latex tested. The animals were taken out of the experiment a day after a single intraperitoneal introduction of the test substance. All manipulations with animals were conducted keeping international principals of Declaration of Helsinki. The results were statistically processed using Student t-test.

Table. Citrocard influence on neutrophil phagocytosis activity

Experiment groups


Phagocytic index, М±m, %

Phagocytic number,


control (physiological saline)

35,9 ± 1,7

6,5 ± 0,5

Citrocard (15 mg/kg)

44,3 ± 3,2*

9,4 ± 0,4*

Citrocard (75 mg/kg)

39,5 ± 3,2

8,2 ± 0,6

Citrocard (375 mg/kg)

49,0 ± 3,5*

9,5 ± 0,4*

Degree of credibility concerning control (* - p1<0,05)

It is established in the course of the experiment that Citrocard in all used doses has a stimulating effect on non-specific link of immunogenesis: in doses 15 mg/kg and 375 mg/kg the medication enables positive increase of neutrophils, able for phagocytosis, and also of latex elements, phagocytosised by neutrophils, dose 75 mg/kg is less effective, but also causes positive changes of phagocytosis index in comparison to control group results.

Based on the obtained data it has been concluded that Citrocard has phagocytosis stimulating characteristics which can be the basis of the following development of the medication as an immunomodifier.

The work is presented for an international science conference "Fundamental and applied issues of medicine and biology", UAE (Dubai) 16-23 October 2009. Received by the editorship on 19.08.2009