Scientific journal
European Journal of Natural History
ISSN 2073-4972


Petrenko V.
Lymphatic postcapillaries (LPC) in small bowel mesentery pass through lymphatic (LC) and blood capillaries from one side and lymphatic vessels (LV) in fascicles with main arteriolas and venules or their big branches and tributaries from the other side. LC have endothelial side, lie between hemocapillary blocks or near postcapillary venules. LPC are defined on the territory of polymorphic location of microcirculatory bloodstream, between their metabolic blocks (precapillary- hemocapillary, LC - postcapillary venules) and contour microvessels. In LPC sides connective tissue may miss, but interrupted basic membrane and valvules appear. Such LPCs go independently or near postcapillary venules, in sides of which very thin film of connective tissue is defined. LPC of the following levels with connective tissue in sides go along gathering venules or independently as part of venules. In thickening sides of gathering venules and the first LV Smooth Muscle Cells appear, but they do not form complete muscular layer. LPC have variable structure and topography relevant to their origin from collateral of embryonal veins, function of additional organs´drainage and pressure in the cavity, which goes down in a row (arteriola → venule → LV → LPC).
The work is presented for an International Scientific Conference "Innovation Medical Technologies", Russia (Moscow), November 17-18, 2009. Received by the editorship on 2.11.2009.