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European Journal of Natural History
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Nepomnyashchikh V.A., Kadyshev M.A.

In ophthalmology last years have began to apply preparation (retilamin, korteksin, oftalamin, semak etc.) in therapy of an atrophy of optic nerves, primary open angle glaucoma (POAG), also retinopathy [2, 3]. The combination parabulbar and intramuscular introductions peptide bioregul-ators is recognized the most effective at POAG [1]. We have been studying of clinical efficiency preparation «Conjuctisan A», which prepared on unique technology by the Nobel winner G. Blobel for the firm VitOrgan (Germany) [3, 4, 9]. Eye drops «Conjuctisan A» are widely applied in Germany for the purpose to increase functional activity of retina and an optic nerve [4, 6-10].

Research objective is researching of comparative efficiency of application «Conjuctisan A» as a magnitoforez and subtenonal introductions in complex therapy of patients POAG.

The investigated patients have been divided into 2 clinical groups comparable on age and general somatic status. Dr A.V. Svirin (2003) have offered effective operation (in Russian SIKG) - subtenonal implantation of a collagen sponge [5] for treatment glaucoma optic nerve atrophies. We develop updating of this operation: instead of soaking sponges with simple physiological solution we apply «Conjuctisan A» [3]. Operation SIKG with «Conjuctisan A» was made to 47 patients (51 eyes) POAG.

To 17 patients (34 eyes) second group with II and III stages POAG was made magnitoforez on the «Pole-2» device. Frequency of device 25 hertz, pulsing exposition - 10 minutes, round inducers, a direction of a magnetic field "North-south". Preliminary to patients was entered «Conjuctisan A» podconjuctive on 0, 25 ml into both eyes. In total there was done 5 procedures 2 times a week. Middle age of people - 57, 2±3, 4. We investigated reactions of 10 men and 7 women, including 14 eyes on developed stage and 20 eyes on far come.

As a result of treatment we found out: preparation «Conjuctisan A» provides authentic increase of visual acuity and decrease IOP in both groups of patients. After operation visual acuity has raised with 0, 48±0, 03 to 0, 56±0, 02 in 1 month; after a course physiotherapy treatment - with 0, 43±0, 03 to 0, 51±0, 02. In the same terms after operation level IOP has gone down with 26, 4±1, 3 to 26, 4±1, 3 mm Hg, and after magnitoforez - with 23, 2±1, 3 to 18, 5±1, 2 mm Hg. Directly as a result after magnitoforez visual acuity increase on 55, 9 % of eyes and decrease in level IOP on 67, 6 % of eyes is fixed. Probably, fall IOP at patients POUG is caused by specific normalising influence preparation «Conjuctisan A» on cortex departments of the visual analyzer. Improvement of linear speed of a blood-groove in an orbital artery is direct after magnitoforez has on the average made 1, 1-1, 2 times.

In conclusion: Comparative researches of efficiency of application peptide regulator «Conjuctisan A» as a method of subtenonal and magnitoforez have shown, that on dynamics of visual acuity and decrease in level of intraocular pressure, microcirculation improvement conservative application of a preparation does not concede operation subtenonal implantation of a collagen sponge,


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The work was submitted to international scientific conference "Basic and applied problems meditsyny and biology", UAE (Dubai), October 15-22, 2008. Came to the editorial office 22.08.2008.