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European Journal of Natural History
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Popov L.M., Ismagilova R.R.

Ethic characteristics of male and female juveniles were investigated with the help of the inquirer "Good - Bad" (Popov L.M.), which has already been known well enough in psychological literature.

The "Good" integral estimate variation range for female juveniles makes 114,4 to 89,7. In male juveniles the "Good" highest level makes 106,2, and the lowest one - 82,5. The "Bad" significance level is considerably lower. So, girls have the limits from 83,8 to 56,3, and boys - from 90,8 to 57,6.

Among the technologies most accurately oriented to the development of moral-ethic characteristics we have emphasized such ones, which, first, are person-centered, second, have a dialogic foundation, third, are reflexive and, forth, create imitation space. The ballintic group, group discussion, group situation solution, group analysis of concrete situations and role game are referred to such technologies in particular.

The results of our investigations found out a positive influence of the methodical and psychological conditions chosen by us on the development of ethic characteristics in teenagers and senior high school students. A higher development level (by 18%) of the factor "Good" was observed in the experimental group at the end of the academic year (56,8% - 65,4% - 74,1%), whereas in the control one - the given factor value is more stable during the whole academic year (58,4% - 59,4% - 60,5%).

The organization of the given technologies with teenagers and senior high school students contributed to the "Bad" factor reduction. So, at the end of the academic year the number of negative characteristics in the experimental group was authentically less (by 31%) than in the control one (36% - 14,8% - 4,9%) and respectively in the experimental group (38% - 36,39% - 31,4%).

Thus, we wanted to mark that we tried to choose the most necessary, so called core moral ethic characteristics.

The work is submitted to the Scientific International Conference «Section of Young Scientists, students and professionals», August, 16-23, 2008, Antalya (Turkey), came to the editorial office on 10.07.2008.