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European Journal of Natural History
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Guseinov A.Sh.

The adolescent period is often defined as: crisis, conflicted and even protesting. L.S.Vygotsky has suggested a negative phase in adolescent´s stage and its protesting character has connected with destruction the established system of interests. As E.Erikson reckoned, an inability to self-identification in a youth can cause the protest, anxiety, insecurity.

Aggression and the protest of adolescents are formed often as the protest against misunderstanding adults, because of dissatisfaction with the status.

In three empirical researches (sample - 210 persons) was supposed, that training in specialized schools, playing sports lead to escalation of protest behaviour of adolescents. The test of protest behaviour of the person (PBP) is created. Reliable distinctions in groups according to Student and significant correlations of variables in each sample according to Spearman were interpreted only.

We compared a conflictness and unadaptability of adolescents athletes and the adolescents who are not going in for sports by tests: MMPI; Leari; PBP. The high level of protest behaviour both of athletes and of usual schoolboys is revealed. The protest behaviour of athletes directly correlates with a hysteria r=0,33; psychopathy r=0,51; schizoid r=0,42 and is negatively connected with the friendly relation to people r =-0,27. The athletes, who have a neurosis, have not enough chances to get the high position, they are dissatisfied with themselves and it provokes the protest behaviour. A sport is initially conflicted and the simple playing sports, without an involvement of the adolescent into communication, do not protect from unadaptabilities and crisis.

Further an influence of conditions of pedagogical activity on protest behaviour of the person was estimated. 30 teachers and 30 pupils of a boarding school, and also 30 teachers and 30 pupils of a grammar school are interrogated. Tests: Assinger; the test of a conflictness; Fidler; PBP. It is revealed, that teachers are more disputed and aggressive in comparison with pupils, and in a boarding school a psychological climate is estimated as low and they are ready to the protest. Thus, the adolescent´s crisis cannot be overcome by forces of teachers as teachers are in stress and the personal crisis, which is caused by an insufficient estimation by a society of their professional work.

In the third research we compared personal features of protest and normal adolescents. Protest adolescents, in comparison with normal adolescents, have an abnormally high of aggression, primitive defenses are expressed, coping are less effective. Prevalence of low-leveled defenses, which have protest adolescents, testifies to serious intrapersonal problems. Primitive defenses prevent persons to realize the problems, do not promote a formation of effective coping and aggravate adolescent´s crisis.

So, the analysis of the several researches lead in different populated areas, on various samples, shows that the protest behaviour of adolescents finds out complex multivariate connections with the parameters of aggression, unadaptability and the personal´s conflict. It confirms the thesis about crisis character of the adolescent stage of person´s development, but also testifies that the protest behaviour can be integrated and reasoning factorial parameter of unadaptability and trouble of the adolescent´s person.

The work is submitted to the Scientific International Conference «Current problems of education, October, 15-22, 2008, Greece (Athens-Delphi-Meteor-Mycenae-Nafplio-Epidavr), came to the editorial office on 14.09.2008.