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European Journal of Natural History
ISSN 2073-4972


Yurtayeva N.I.

The Russian society has been performing its life changes complex process focused on democratic transformations for the last years. Humanitarization of education is becoming an integral part of higher school renovation, is the means of students´ panhuman culture formation. Most likely the new type of education will appear as a projective one called up to convert the culture in accord with those changes, which take place in the social development. The higher education quality is the key element, when creating the European Higher Education Zone. More than ever a further development of methods, approaches and criteria of quality assurance at all the levels (institutional, national, European) is necessary now. The quality assurance is the prime responsibility of higher educational institutions and it provides the basis for the academic community real responsibility. The training of specialists should be assured not only by the teacher´s professional competency high level, but also by the conditions for the development of new educational technologies oriented to personality growth, the learner´s peculiarities revelation, the acknowledgement of his subjective experience as originality and inherent worth, the composition of pedagogical effects with the agreement of individual and social experience. The entry of the human into the new development epoch, the change for the interaction with the help of global communications is attended by the realization of the fact that the outside world possesses simultaneously both the properties of integrity and multiplicity. In the constantly changing society the human is offered a wide range of choice, when solving professional and personal problems, that increases the degree of individual responsibility. Due to this the axiological, and it means - humanitarian, aspect of life grows.

The requirements made for the future specialists in conditions of the changes taking place in the society are, first of all, a high level of abilities to realize their intellectual possibilities, to use all their creative potential for displaying initiative and entrepreneurial spirit, solving problems in conditions of market economy harsh mechanisms. That is why the learner-centered education having the humanitarian aspect as the leading one, can create conditions for sound manifestation and development of personal functions of the educational process subjects, create the situation of learners´ success.

The work was submitted to international scientific conference «Problems and experience of the Bologna accords, an international scientific conference», Montenegro (Becici), September, 9-16, 2008, came to the editorial office on 21.08.2008.