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Kovalev A.S.
The computer network reliability is assured by the whole system of hardware and software tools providing concurrent processing of various privacy information by a user group without access violation. It is especially typical of the Windows Vista operating system, which has an entirely reworked network architecture called to simplify and enhance operational reliability in the net with the help of Vista maximally.

The Windows Vista controlled correctly set network usually works without failures, but problems and errors still spring up. For their detection in the Vista system there are diagnostic aids. The primary diagnostics is performed in the "Network management and public access center" window and in the viewer of the full size net card. If there are network connect problems there will be corresponding graphic symbols. The receiving of more accurate information about the network connection state is seen in the "Network connection state" window, where the key connection parameters IPv4, IPv6, data processing rate are specified, and in the network operation runtime the number of sent and accepted bytes is fixed.

In the "Network connection data" window current values of the TCP/IP key parameters are viewed. When data reduction error rising, the troubleshooting procedure is fired. This program´s operating results are reflected in the "Network diagnosis" window, where the list of problems is seen and recommendations on their correction are presented.

The connection ensuring can be executed by the "ping" command. This command lets validate the availability of connections with another computer on its name or IP-address. This is the primary network connection diagnosis asset. The "ping" command causes sending special packets to another computer, which, having got them, sends them back. The packet transit time and message about the packets´ being lost is shown in the screen. The connections with a local area network computer and the Internet are controlled by the "ping" command.

The "ping localhost" command sends packets "to itself", that allows checking the TCP/IP work on the local computer. The transit time should be less than 1 msec.

In the "Task manager" window, "Net" tab, the control over the network adapters´ work is carried out. There is a list of network connections and their activity graphs, which define the net use intensity and its zero error capacity, here. The detailed analysis of the net adapter work presents more than twenty additional net parameters. The "ipconfig" command reflects the TCP/IP work parameters.

The "tracert" command allows tracing the path from one site to another and detecting the place, where the connection break occurred. In solving complex data processing reliability problems in the network the Windows Vista help system can explain rather extensively and deeply.

The available firewall provides protection from an unauthorized intrusion into the computer network. The firewall is realized both by hardware and software, performing the role of unauthorized users´ attempt avoidance to get the access to the connected with the Internet private IP network - especially the intranet. All the messages, which don´t meet the specified security criteria, coming from or entering the intranet, are stopped by the firewall. The internetwork security methods including the packet filters and application gateways are a reliable barrier for illegal requests.

The reliability is generally associated with the ideas of stability and system operational safety. It is measured as the function of time taken between failures and is denoted by the term of "Meantime between failures" (MTBF). The database integrity and the possibility of warning about the expected hardware failures are the other two reliability aspects. The SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) and RAID systems guarantee the work continuity and data safety even in the fault case. When loading, the memory self-testing, during which the system of memory error checking and correction (ECC) allows improving the data integrity, should be referred to the reliability augmentation means.

In the wireless local area network media the reliability is influenced, as a rule, by the quality of connection with the remote computer connected in the Internet with the hot spot. There appears a problem in the configuration of connection with the Wide-Area Network in the hot DHCP and NAT spots and in the correctness of binding IP-addresses to the devices, and also the correctness of their conversion into an integrated IP-address used for the connection to the network and for the outlet to the interface of the wire-connected network. Finally the networks aim to achieve the reliability of 99,999%.

The article is admitted to the International Scientific Conference "Technical sciences and modern production", China (Beijing), 26 November - 4 December, 2007, came to the editorial office on 09.11.07.