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Kokhanovskaya I.I.
Modern social and economical situation in the Bashkortostan Republic calls for a clear-cut specification of priorities, skillful management of resources, concentration of power and credits in  most important directions, performance of urgent anticrisis measures.

Bashkortostan state bodies strategic tasks are to realize nowadays industrial, working, natural, scientific and technical reserves fully and effectively, manage structural rebuilt of our economy with an aim to improve its effectiveness, maintain continuous work of the basic state branches industrial, financial, sponsor and technical support of enterprises, producing food and everyday products; to build of people-oriented industry within business activity, support and defense of entrepreneurs; to consolidate financial sphere, credit and monetary circulation; adapt consumer´s market; achieve stabilization of reciprocal deliveries, foreign capital, technologies and experience in the dominant economical fields; making foreign economical connections of the republic active. [1, 2]

The dominant directions of Bashkortostan economy development are to raise quality and reduce the price of products made in industrial enterprises; to set new competitive industries, transformation of factories whose products are not sold, fix industrial connections of enterprises, improve ecological situation.

Nowadays there are more than 15.8 thousands of small enterprises in the Bashkortostan Republic[4].  Setting up a great amount of small enterprises would contribute to further development of minor business in the regions of our republic. Foundation and development of small enterprises is the main prerequisite of performing structure rebuilt of the Bashkortostan Republic economy in the modern conditions. Based on development of minor business it can be performed with little financial, sponsor, working and transport outlays at the expense of mass attraction in the industrial circulation local natural and economical resources. Besides new working places will appear to engage population able to work and also opportunities to cover needs for different products [3].

One should solve some key problems for further expansion in the Bashkortostan Republic a small enterprises net and provision of their effective development. One should note that minor business needs permanent state support and first of all lawful confirmation of discount tax obligation and creditation.

For expansion of minor business in Bashkortostan and growth of its effectiveness one needs foundation a state republic body to regulate development of minor business. It can aim at setting up new reconstruction and development of active small enterprises, their financial, credit and informational supply, organize infrastructure of minor business, giving them state orders.


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The article is admitted to the International Scientific Conference "Fundamental and applied research. Education, economics and right", Italy (Rimini), 8-15th September, 2007, came to the editorial office on 09.11.07.