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European Journal of Natural History
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Shalimova O.A., Shtakhova T.A., Sinyutina N.V.
At the heart of Russian food consumers´ preferences traditionally there are two criteria - customs and food price. But recently a third criterion has got a greater occurrence: it is quality. This is a distinctive feature of the new food market, this is the appearance of choice, this is the sign of the fact that our producers have become interested in the consumers´ preferences. The food products quality is made of many characteristics. The notion "quality" includes the conformity with the branch accepted standards, chemical constitution, biologic and energy value, biological effectiveness, ecological safety, technologies´ and ultimate product´s safety, equivalence of the product´s composition to the human body´s needs depending on the form of activity, health status, age, sex, physiological features - pregnancy, baby feeding, advanced physical or mental work load, etc.

The food-processing industry current trends stimulate the ordered composition food production planning. It is caused by the fact that no one natural commodity contains all necessary for the body substances in the amounts providing its physiological needs. One of the ways to correct the chemical constitution of meat products is using biologically active substance rich medicinal herbs in production. The formulation of meat raw stuff functional products of prophylactic and bracing properties enables the regulating for preventive and therapeutic purposes´ sake finely and complexly. The influence of crude drug on forcemeat properties has been investigated incompletely. In connection with the above said the following problems were set by us: to study the biochemistry of medicinal plants growing in the Oryol Region territory, to evaluate physical-chemical and functional-processing behaviour of meat raw stuff and their application. While selecting the plant materials we were ruled by the availability and popularity of them in the region for the provision of storage (State National Nature Reserve "Oryol Polesye"). We chose Greek-valerian polemonium and purple coneflower growing in its territory.

According to the obtained experimental findings the investigated medicinal plants are characterized by a high protein content. The hard core of it consists of freely soluble albumens and globulins. It is of great importance as albumens and globulins are regarded as high-functional components which together with muscle proteins stabilize the proteinaceous matrix of meat systems. Besides, the leaves and seeds contained much iron, that will allow increasing the hemoglobulin level in the consumers while using the given plant raw material products.

The proteins electrophoresis showed that the most saturated material according to electrophoretically mobile albumen and globulin proteins is the one obtained from the purple coneflower.

Taking into account the experimental study data is possible to suppose that the plant raw material from the Greek-valerian polemonium and purple coneflower is rich in functional proteins and is fortified with ash constituents, especially iron salts.

The use of water infusions of the investigated plants can promote the formation of taste-and-smell characteristics and the directed regulating of such technological processes as secondary structure formation, dehydration and selective flora cultivation. The application of the denoted medicinal plants in the meat industry will promote enriching meat products with biologically active substances. In the future the concentration assortment and the balance of meat and plant raw materials for comminuted meat products will be carried out.

An individual of a modern urban society is fated to some or other food failures, and with that he always will be attended with the corresponding body defence systems´ inability to response adequately to environmental nuisances, that suddenly increases the risk of many medical conditions development.

The population nutrition problem can be solved by means of creation of a given chemical composition meat-and-plant products wide range. The highest point of this direction can be therapeutic and functional food products, and also the product´s biosafety guaranteeing.

The article is admitted to the International Scientific Conference "Production technologies"; Italy (Rimini), September 8-15, 2007; came to the editorial office on 17.07.07