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Rykova V.V.

The main objective of the Department of Scientific Bibliography of the State Public Scientific-Technological Library of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SPSTL SB RAS) is to select and systematize materials on various directions of researches.

SPSTL SB RAS has been compiling databases covering various topics of environmental research, such as "Nature and natural resources of Siberia and the Far East, their protection and rational use", "Problems of the North", "Ecology and natural-territorial complexes conservation in West Siberia", "Biodiversity of Northern Eurasia", "Sustainable development of nature and society", "Contamination and environment protection: reference and bibliographic-information issues". All DBs are bases of a bibliographic type generated under Windows/IRBIS system control, their documents comprise bibliographic descriptions, subject and geographical headings, annotations, translation to foreign publications.

DB "Nature and natural resources of Siberia and the Far North" numbers about 160,000 documents since 1988 on geology, climate, hydrology, soils, vegetative and animal kingdoms, landscape ecology, terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and natural resources. A wide spectrum of ecological problems such as anthropogenic effect on different components of environment, natural resources conservation and rational use, human ecology, ecological expertise and monitoring, legal, social and economic aspects of ecology.

Multidisciplinary DB "Problems of the North" is also worth paying attention. It includes materials (above 130,000 documents) on various problems of developing Russian and foreign (European, Alaskan, Canadian) North since 1988. It covers biological, geological, geographical, ecological, cryological, social-economic, medical-biologic problems of the North. A special section in the DB is devoted to scanty northern peoples.

DBs "Sustainable development of nature and society" (nearly 35,000 documents) for 1990-2005 deal with prospects of global ecological problems, sustainable development of nature, social and urban ecology, ecologization of industrial production, ecological up-bringing and education.

DB "Biodiversity of Northern Eurasia" (2,500 documents since 1988) touches problems of biological diversity of microorganisms, soils, animals, plants, landscapes, human genome, gene fund of organisms, biodiversity economics, the place of botanical gardens and reserves in conservation of biological diversity.

DB "Ecology and protection of natural complexes in West Siberia" has information since 1988 on various aspects of ecological problems in West Siberia (about 14,000 documents).

DB of guidebooks, manuals and information-bibliographical tools "Contamination and environmental protection" counts 2,700 documents since 1985 and gives summarized data on the most important directories, dictionaries, standards, methodical materials, reviews, domestic and foreign periodicals concerning environment pollution and protection, contaminants, wastes, their disposal and utilization.

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The article is admitted to the International Scientific Conference «Scientific Education Strategy», Egypt (Hurgada), February 21-28, 2007, came to the editorial office on 19.11.07